On And Off The Set – Part One

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Note: I forgot the name of Sean Astin’s real daughter [who actually played Elanor, Sam’s daughter] so forgive me for calling her Britany

Sean Astin sat at the table, only half listening to the others. The air in the bar felt thick. He senced he was being watched, but he could not tell who was doing the watching.

Even with a fire blazing, the air of a Spring morning here in NZ was still quite chilly. Looking to the tavle at the far left corner by the counter, he saw a woman sitting alone with only a thin shawl to gaurd her. Deep, sea-grey eyes set in an ivory pale face fraimed with the long black silk of her hair lifted from her coffee to meet his.

She seemed oddly familliar to him. The way she carried herself, however, hinted at nobility. The nod of recognition and friendly smile nagged at his memory.

“Daddy!” three year old Brittany tugged at his sleeve.

“What is it, sweety?” Sean turned to her.

“I have to go pee pee.”

Sean sighed, glanced back to the woman, but she was no longer there.

“Da-dy!” Brittany urged.


“Oh, God!” Orlando yelled as he fell from the horse, yet again.

“Now what did you do?” Viggo turned back.

“Darn saddle!” he pulled himself up out of the cold mud.

“I told you that one slips.” Liv laughed, turning her horse back as well. “Shwos how well you listen.”

“Yeah, well it’s not exactly fair that you two already know how to ride.”

“That’s why we’re trying to help you. It’s John who’s supposed to do the falling off, not you.”

“Ha ha.” Orlando said flatly.

“Did the elfy mess up his purtty hair?” Dominic teased from behind.

Orlando simply gave him the “shut up or else” look and led the horse away on foot.

“Where’s Sean?” Dominic asked the others.

“Bean’s most likely still in bed.” Viggo said. “You can hear that man’s snores through the wall.”

“Astin just left out an hour ago for breakfast.” Liv said.


“For the last time!” Ian McKellen laughed. “I am not portraying Obi Wan Kenobi!”

“I’m sorry,” Christopher said, just as frustrated. “Some of the things they have for Saruman are practicly the same as for Ducu.”

“Well, I hope you can get it right on camera.” Peter sighed. “The audience is expecting two wizards, not two Jedi. You’ve got ’till three.” he turned to leave. “By the way, let’s not have another beard slipping incident. Those aren’t “Santa” beards with the elastic, you know.”

Walking outside, Peter came up on some of the camera men adjusting their cameras for the next scene.

“Has any one seen Sean?” he asked them.

“Which one?” Kellen {a young man just out of colege} asked.


“Probably still asleep. The bloke’s darn snoring is so loud you can hear him a floor away!”


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