Not Your Typical Inn – Part Two

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Elijah blinked his big blue eyes as he drove. It was now dark. The other three were curled up asleep in the back seat. This was just want he wanted all his life:to be driving in a country that had the gall to make him drive on the other side of the road, at night, when he was dead tired. He stifled a yawn.

A sign caught his attention. It read, “Good food, good accomidations. Take this road.” “Hmm, the others might be angry when they found out they weren’t at the lodge, but they would be pleased with me when they’ll have beds and breakfast,” he thought. Seduced, he took the detour. As he was driving, the thought of an English, well okay New Zealand, bed and breakfast warmed his little American heart. He was so excited, that he didn’t even notice where they were.

“All right everybody, all’s out that’s getting out.” The guys groaned. “Are we there, yet?” Dom asked.

“Nope, but I’ve found something just as good,” Elijah said as he got out of the car. When he saw the shack, all the color drained from his face. “Um, back in the car, everybody!”

“Elijah, what are we doing here!” Sean demanded.

“Well, I saw a sign that said, “Good food. Good Accomidations. Take this road.” and somehow I ended up here.”

“Well, it’s too late to do anything about it now. Let’s see if he has a room or something.” They stumbled in. The owner was still stuggling with his bagpipes.

“Welcome back. I didn’t expect you so soon.” He gave an evil chuckle. “Those signs really work don’t they?”

“YOU put those up!? Dom exclaimed.

“Yes I did.”

“Look sir, do you have somewhere where we could sleep?” Sean asked.

“Yup, the cabins. Eight dollars a couple. But since you four don’t look like a couple, it will be eight dollars each.”

Sean was about to protest when Billy said, “Eight dollars, sixteen dollars, thrity-four dollars, does it matter?”

“Oh he is tired!” Dom exclaimed.

“Okay, we’ll take it.” The other three sighed with relief.

“Here’s the key. You won’t have any trouble finding it, seeing as it’s the only cabin we’ve got. But it can sleep four.” The four actors trudged wearily out in search of the cabin.


They actors looked at skeptically. There was a bunk bed and a regular bed.
Sean took Elijah’s lighter and lit the lantern.

“Sean and I will take the bunk, and you and Dom can have the bed,” Elijah said. They dropped their bags on the floor and started to undress. They stopped and looked at each other. They really didn’t want to watch each other as they took off their clothes.

“I’ll go first,” Elijah said. He gathered his toilettries and headed to the bathroom. “Hey,” He shouted. “There is actually a bathroom! I was a little worried we would have to go outside.” He shut the door behind him.

“I hope this bed isn’t hard,” Billy said. He collasped into the sunken matress. “Whoa! Dom help me up! This isn’t a bed; it’s a canoe.” He when he got up, the room started shaking. Dom and Billy held onto the bedposts and Sean grabbed the side of the bunk bed. A low, loud whistle blew.

“A train! A train’s passing by!” Dom shouted over the noise. The room rattled hard. Finally it stopped.

“Elijah! Elijah, are you okay?!” Elijah walked out of the bathroom in his undershirt and boxers, toothpaste smeared in an intricate design all over his face.


Sean looked at Elijah curled up in the bottom bunk. “Elijah would you get on the top bunk, please?”

“Why can’t you get on the top bunk?”

“Because I have a hard time climbing things with my extra weight.”

“Well, why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“I wanted you to warm the bed up for me.”

“Oh, what a sneaky character you are. You know Sam would never do such a thing,” he said as he climbed up to the top bunk. It was no easy task, considering there was no ladder.

Billy fell in the bed and pulled the covers to his chin. All that could be seen were two shiny, green eyes peaking out from under the covers. Dom looked at him. “Hey, get on your own side of the bed.”

“Easier said than done. Help me, Dom.” Dom pulled Billy’s arms over to the right side of the bed, and then collasped in it.

“All right, everyone. Let’s try to get some sleep,” Sean said. “Goodnights” echoed across the room. Everything seemed peaceful.

Then the room started to wiggle again. Dom and Billy grabbed each other and held tightly. To their horror, the bed started to move across the floor. Sean and Elijah watched with enlarged eyes as they saw the bed travel toward them.

“What just happened?” Sean asked. At that moment the bed started to move again, this time to where the bed was originally. “Another train! It’s another train!” Billy shouted. It stopped again, to the actors’ comfort.

“I hope that’s all we’ll see of that! Let try to get some sleep.” Dom lay on his side, then his other side. He sat up. “I can’t sleep in this hole!”

“Well try to,” said Billy. Silence fell on the room again.

A cat started meowing. In his dream, Elijah’s mother told him, “Liji, dear, see what Hannah wants.” Elijah rolled off the bed and onto the floor, flat on his bottom. That was enough to get the others up again. Sean got out of bed.

“This is it. We’re getting out of here.”

“We’re going to sneak out without paying?” Elijah asked as he rubbed his sore rear.

“Yes and I’m going to sue him for renting us this place to begin with. Now everyone be quiet.”


They quietly tiptoed to the car. Sean started to opened the car door. “Hey, here’s a cord.”

“Untie it,” said Billy.

“I can’t. It’s in a tight knot.”

“Well, pull it,” said Dom. Sean ripped it. Lights flashed and a loud siren blared. They ran around looking for a place to hide. Finally it stopped and the owner walked out.

“Who do you think we are?!” Elijah demanded. “Do you think we’re the kind of people that would sneak off in the night? You’ve got an awefully suspicious mind!” Sean tapped him on the shoulder. “Lij, Lij!” Elijah stopped and stepped behind Sean.

“I don’t blame you for trying to leave,” the owner said.

“You don’t?”

“No. You can go and I don’t blame you.”

“Thank you.” As he got in the car, Sean exclaimed, “The steering wheel is missing!”

“Someone stole your steering wheel? Well, that is a shame isn’t it? Well, I have a steering wheel here that I could let go for say thrity-two dollars.” The man picked up the car’s steering wheel.

Sean sighed and gave him the money. He fastened it back on, and they drove away. But they soon pulled over on the side of the road and had a long sleep. Then they drove to the mountain in a hobbit mood. This was the last adventure they wanted to have for a long time. They couldn’t wait till they told Orli about this. He’d never believe it.



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