No More Of The Rings- part 3 – Our story continues

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The fireworks imported from the Dwarfs land were roaring.
Sham and Froshmo were guzzling some ale and Ganspoof was entertaining the Mini-Hobbits. “Yes see, here are the fireworks, now go home and play with them” Ganspoof said. Meanwhile, Jerry and Dippin were stealing some of the larger fireworks from Ganspoofs cart. “No no Dippin, you idiot, the big one.” Jerry hissed. “Ok, got it.” Dippin said.

Meanwhile, Froshmos Uncle Simplo was telling more mini hobbits about his adventures. “And one evening, I was wandering around in the wild forest looking for a spot to smoke, when i was attacked by these 3 really big Drolls. And they were deciding how to cook us. When Ganspoof came to our rescue. He then waved his magical flashlight and turned them all to bones.”

Looking elsewhere, Froshmo is taunting Sham to ask Thornie for a dance. “Go on Sham, ask her, who cares if you can’t dance, everybody here is too drunk to remember anything else tomorrow.” “Alrite, but just because you said everyone was drunk” Sham replied

“SPEECH! SPEECH! SPEECH!” everyone roars to Simplo


to be continued


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