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Rings lifts NZ film ranking
The Evening Post – April 25, 2002

Kiwi film crews are no longer just “Mexicans with cellphones”.

That’s what they’ve been derogatorily labelled in the past, but now a new study shows New Zealand’s ranking for film-making ability may well have risen to a level to match the likes of Ireland.

And that’s just one peg below Australia, says the report into the lasting effects of The Lord Of The Rings project, done by the NZ Institute of Economic Research study for the New Zealand Film Commission.

Rings film maker, Miramar’s Peter Jackson, made available some data from the trilogy to give insight on how best to grow the film industry. It shows Rings production company Three Foot Six spent $352.7 million in New Zealand to March this year.

The report shows that in 1998 before work on LOTR started, New Zealand’s film industry was perceived internationally as being little better than Mexico’s.

However, post-Rings that perception appears to have changed, with the report speculating that our ranking may have improved to be relative to countries such as Ireland, which is just behind Australia…

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