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John Howe in Rome
Caltanet – January 22, 2003

“A movie based on the Silmarillion? Not for now!” . Who ever dared to say it after the huge success of the first two installments of The Lord of the Rings by Peter Jackson? I guarantee you it’s one of the most informed people about it. But before telling you who undoubtely “dared so much”, let me give you my account about a really special evening.

Why special? Well, take a wonderful city like Rome, a few friends who share the same passion just like the people of the Italian Tolkien Society, a good pizza, my dear friend Paolo Paron, but most of all a very special guy like John Howe, and there you have it!


Well, Howe really stole the evening and gave us a lot of informations. It was him, in fact, who told us that the Silmarillion won’t become, for now, a movie. Why? Quoting Howe “the rights of ‘the Lord of the Rings’ and ‘the hobbit’ were sold by Tolkien himself, so it was his own decision. The rights of ‘the Silmarillion’, instead, belong to his son Christopher”. Howe, who knows Christopher very well, also told us that “he won’t sell the rights to anyone whatever sum offered” and that “the Silmarillion is very strictly linked with his father’s life and will never be made into a film while he’s still alive”.

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