New Board Game for Lord of the Rings – Gandalf Passes Go and Collects $200

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The Box
While surfing around the Internet, I found the following description of the new Lord of the Rings Board Game from Sophisticated Games and Reiner Knizia. The game is being distributed by Kosmos. I have translated the description as best I could with the help of Alta Vista. I need to check in with a couple contacts I have to see when it will be available here in the states. In any case, the game will be released in German in October 2000.

“Reiner Knizia, one the worlds leading game designers, has created a board game which is a conversion of the classical fantasy book “Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R.Tolkien. Reiner Knizia was up to the task of developing a special game based on “Lord of the Rings”. The game follows the Tolkien Story and can be played again and again with new adventures developing as dangers and challenges are presented to the players. Players make their way from the [Auenwald across Trollhoehen, by the] misty mountains and through the dark forest across the [level of Celebrant and finally again outside after Gorgoroth in the country Mordor]. The game asks the question: Does Does the fellowship triumph at the end, or does darkness rule?

The Board
“Players: 3 to 5

Time: approx. 60 to 90 minutes

Contents: 2 play plans (60×30 cm) printed base play plan (60×20 cm) double-sided, 60 elevation markers and 11 situation cards, 26 number chips, 6 elevation markers, a Sauron figure, 6 markers, a ring, and 2 dice

Age: 10 and up”


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