My Christmas Wish… – A poem/song/thing

by Nov 27, 2002Other News

Oh, I want a little hobbit-boy for Christmas
I want Elijah under my tree
I want Sean and Dom and Billy
On my sofa acting silly
I want to drink a pint with them
Just like they did in Bree…

Oh, I want a little hobbit-boy for Christmas
I want Elijah looking innocent and sweet
I want Dom to do impressions
And Billy playing sessions
Grab Sean and make him dance with me
On furry hobbit-feet…

Now don’t you shriek
That I’m a fan-girl freak
Who only likes to swoon for Lij’s eyes
I’ve got all the books by Tolkien
I know Elvish when it’s spoken
And how the weak can sometimes fool the Wise.

I can discourse about dwarves
Know Fallowhides from Storrs
And the history of Glamdring and of Sting
The barrow-wights and Bombadil
I even read the Silmaril!
But something `bout those boys makes me forget about the Ring…

So…I want a little-hobbit boy for Christmas
I want to pat Elijah’s spiky hair
Give me Dom and Billy’s jokes
And pipe-weed for a smoke
Give me Sean to be protective
As I try to stay objective
And Elijah looking serious
I might become delirious
If I could have the hobbit-boys
Those mad and crazy hobbit-boys
Those sweet and funny hobbit-boys
For Christmas this year!

by Julie Chilton, 2002


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