Modern Mapping Meets Middle Earth – Map of Middle Earth

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I just got this in as an e-mail from David Dow, he put this map together using a professional mapping package. The following is a description of what he went through to put together the map.

I created this map on a desk top mapping/GIS software package called ArcView (ESRI) using ESRI’s spatial analyst extension. The digital
elevation model (DEM), which is the landform surface part, was created
by interpolating a sampling of points (almost 600,000). The points were
created by hand digitizing contours on the base map and then extracting
the vertices along the contour line to form the point file. Everything
was tied to a decimal degree coordinate system, which allows the model
to be projected. For example this model could be projected from space
(Orthographic) or flattened Mercator. Because this is a fully functional
geographic model, areas can be zoomed and panned. Additionally the data
could be modeled in 3D and even used to create fly through scenarios.


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