Messed Council – Part 1

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Elrond: We are gathered here today to talk about my undies…I mean Arwens Undies…Darn it! The ring!

Gimli: *farts* THE ELF DID IT!!!!

Legolas: I did not! My farts smell like roses, yours smell like orc dung!

Gimli: HAH! So you admit to smelling orc dung! I told you he was high on something!

Gandalf: *winks at Elrond*

Elrond: *scoots away*

Aragorn: *twirls the hair on his chest hairs to make them curly*

Boromir: *eyes Frodo with much interest*

Frodo: *winks at him and smarts smiling*

Elrond: *does an eyebrow dance at Legolas*

Gandalf: *comes up behind Elrond and cuts off all his hair in his process of the eyebrow dance*

Elrond: *is now bald and screams like a girl, waving his arms up and down running around the room*

Legolas: *laughs*

Gimli: *steals Legolas’ hair products and eats them*

Legolas: *throws a temper tantrum* THOSE WERE MINE!!!!! *puts*

Elrond: *Comes up behind Legolas and snips his hair* Hah! Now you don’t NEED the hair products. You don’t HAVE any hair to use it with. *runs off cackling evilly*

Legolas: Well neither do you!

Elrond: *stops in his tracks* Don’t rub it in. Besides, I have YOUR hair, now. and I still have my eyebrows!

Gimli: *chases Elrond with an eyebrow waxer*

Elrond: *runs off screaming*

Frodo: *staring at Boromir*

Boromir: *does Elronds eyebrow dance*

Aragorn: *now sticking peices of Jelly doughnuts on his chest hair*

Elrond: *does a butt dance*

Legolas: *cries*

Sam: *picks up him* I may not be able to carry the ring, but I can carry you!! *At Mount Doom* Hey your not Frodo!!

Legolas: I can if you want me to be…

Sam: *drops him in Mount Doom and walks off*

Legolas: *burns and then climbs out and chases after Sam, yelping owwwy!!! everytime he steps*

Elrond : *doing another butt dance*

Gandalf: *hot glues Elrond to the floor*

Elrond: *then starts doing the eyebrow dance*

Gimli: *jumps ontop of Elrond with the eyebrow waxer and waxes Elronds eyebrows*

Sam: *picks up Gimli and holds him up, backside to Legolas and yells* I’m armed!!!

Legolas: *continues to walk forward*

Sam: *pulls Gimli’s finger and he farts*

Legolas: EWWWW *runs away*

Sam: *laughs*

Pippin: *runs over and jumps on Boromir’s lap* I want a pretty pink pony. X-men, ooh and I want big boys underwear.

Merry: *pulls Pippin off* You already have big boys underwear pip.

Pippin: Yes, but I want BOROMIR’s big boy underwear.

Merry: But Boromir doesn’t wear big boys underwear!

Pippin: Yes he does! He wears speedo’s!

Merry: OOOH I WANT ONE TOO, Please?

Boromir: *hands the two speedo’s*

Merry&Pip: *put them on and walk around.

Elrond: *does the eyebrow dance at them*

Pippin: *screams, runs away and trips and falls into the pool*

Merry: *laughs*

Elrond: *stares at Merry’s speedo* I want one!!!

Merry: SCARY IMAGE!!! *screams and runs too, accidently falling into the jelly doughtnut chest hairs of Aragorn

Aragorn: owchy!!!

Elrond: Council dismissed. I need to try on Arwens corsets. Maybe she has a speedo….

(lol, hope you like it…I just decided to do this and post it on the humor section!)


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