Making Fun of Harry Potter and Lotr – hehe

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Brain switcher

Saramaun: Ahahahahahaha!!!! now that i have taken over Sauron, i get the prisoners!!!!!
Sauron: you will never get away with this!! I will rule the world!! I WILL I!! I WILL!!!
Draco: Oh shut up you are getting on my nerves!!
Sauron: Hey! You better be nice to me for when i get back into power!
Harry: Yea Draco! Do not make her mad!!!!!!!! For all of our sakes! And your voice might burn
up a bird!
Hermione: Actually the Phionex does do that to reproduce!
Ron: Ahh shut up Hermione. U make us all feel bad!
Sauraman: OHHHH!! I have an idea!!!! How about i use my brain switcher!! I will make ……… no let
see if you all can figure out who you are and willbcorne!! MWHAHAHAHA!!
Ron: I have got a bad feeling i am gonna be a gurl!
Draco: What is the difference? You act like a girl!! Oh look a spider!
Ron: Where!!!!!!!!!!?????
Sauraman: Enough! Now to switch!!!
(a weird sound comes out after Sauraman puts a hat on and on Sauron to protect there brains! All of
them start freaking out!)
Draco: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! iaminharrv’suglvbody!
Harry: Hay!! Wait ewwwwwwwwwww i am in hermionie’s body!
Hermione: welliwont take it personally but……YUK!!!!!!!! Ron??!!!! When is the last time you
showered!!!???? U smell like Hagrid’s socks!!!
Ron: Leave me a lone! It is garlic to keep the vampires away! Draco!! Is this a wig? Or is it
plastic? Maybe it is Styrofoam?! Well it defiantly not hair!
Ginny: Hermione! I like my body a whole heck of a lot better!!!!!!!
Hermione: wait if ginny is in my body and so is harry………………wait! Is this wrong?!!!
Ginnyi OOo!! I am in the same body with my hunny harry!
Harry: Ginny if we weren’t in the same body I’d kick you!
Ron: Ok! Draco’s hair might be an alien substance and my body may smell, but hat is just
disgusting. Ginny is trying to kiss harry! They are in the same darn body!!! That’s creepy!
Hermione: Ewwwww!! How am i ever going to get kissy marks off my arms!! That’s gross!!
Harry: Stop! Stop!
(Hermione’s body smacks her face and shouts “owww!”
Ginny: That hurt harry!
Harry: Yea. No duh!!!
Sauron: Hey tina i like your ideas. Wanna team up and rule the world together?
SAuraman: HrnmmmmmmmrrimnmimmnTrnmmm……………….J don’t know.
(Ponders for a moment)
Sauraman: Ok. But i get 60%.
Sauron: Ok! Deal!!!
Sauron: Should we leave um switched or change urn back?
Tina: Let’s leave urn,……………for now.
Evil Twin: I have got a good idea about putting them in a pit of spiders! (Tina casts a spell that chains them to the walls. Tina and Evil Twin walk out.)
Ron: SPIDERS!!!!!???!!!!!!!!!!!!??


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