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by May 16, 2000Other News

Make him proud…
It’s been in the works for quite awhile, and now it’s finally here!

You can now submit your own content to Tolkien Online – The One Ring! “What kind of content?” you ask… anything that can be considered a article–things like:

·News Articles

·Movie Rumours

·Tolkien-inspired Poetry

·Tolkien-inspired Stories

·Reviews of Tolkien-related Products

·Critical essays of Tolkien’s works

·Anything else you think is deserving of publishing!

Upon submitting your article, we’ll review it to make sure that it fits in the category you chose, make sure all the spelling is correct, and then you’ll receive an email once it’s accepted, and voilá! It’s online! And you will be the author…

Lastly, we want you to know that we’ll be keeping track of how many submissions you’ve made to Tolkien Online, and soon display a ranking of the most active contributors to Tolkien Online – The One Ring (and soon you’ll also be able to submit other types of content to this site!).

So, make Professor Tolkien proud… Head on over to The Registry and become a member if you’re not one already, and check out the new article submission tool!


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