MADD TV version of LOTR – Thanks to Elven_Mirkwood_Princess for the idea for this.

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Host: Arwen_@_one_ring
Frodo: Orlando Bloom
Sam: Aaron Carter
Merry: Ashley Simpson
Pippin: Jessica Simpson
Boromir: Bobby Bonds
Aragorn: Smokey the Bear
Gimli: Deep Roy
Legolas: Jesse McCartney
Gandalf: Tom Cruiz
Gollum: The Ape Man
Eowyn: Anna Nicole Smith
Arwen: Kate Hudson
Theoden: Prince William
Galadriel: Goldie Hawn
Eomer: Wilmer Valderrama
Faramir: Barry Bonds
Denethorzzy Osbourne


Host: Here we are, at the film version of The Lord of the Rings!
Frodo: You know, this set looks vaguely familiar…
Faramir: Dad?! They cast my father as my brother?! That’s just wrong. My world is already twisted enough by my use of steroids.
Boromir: You know, son, if you lived in my day, you just chewed licorish and spat in on the ground to look like the pros. There were’nt none of this steroid junk.
Eowyn: You tried to take Aragorn you…you…(gosh @#!&%$ it! I forgot my line.)
Arwen: You idiot! We haven’t even started yet.
Merry: We actually got in a real movie together! We can actually, like, talk to each other about our famous boyfriends while we, like, film!
Pippin: Hey! I only have, like, one line! And are we going to read them before we start?
Merry: I didn’t know you could read.
Theoden: My dear people of England-I mean Rohan…This dear day has…no, no…
Fodo: Hey, who’s that?
Sam: I’m Aaron Carter!
Frodo: Who’s that?
Sam: I’m the old version of Leggy over there.
Legolas: Did you ever go out with Hillary?
Sam: Yeah!
Legolas: Get her to go out with me!
Frodo: She’s going out with Joel what’s-his-face.
Denethor: More beer! Faramir…must…drink…wine…(mumble mumble)…boro…Bora…(mumble mumble)
Gollum: Ahhh oh oooh


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