LOTR Obsession Test – Are you obsessed?

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Now, I’m going to have quotes that you may hear in your everyday life, then choices on what you think of when you see it. Good luck!

1) “It has several precious gems in it.”

A) Gollum! My precious!!!!!!!
B) A precious bracelet maybe?
C) That reminds me of something, I just can’t place my finger on it…

2)”That ring I got was totally cheap!”

A) Ring??? One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them!
B) I wonder where it was from…
C) Wasn’t that in that movie I saw a while back, Return of the King?

3)”Man, it’s really dark out here!”

A) Dark lord! Sauron!! AHHH!!!!!
B) You said it! I can’t see my hand in front of my face!
C) That just reminded me of something, but I lost it.

4) “Would you like mushrooms with that?”

A) Maybe it would attract a hobbit over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B) Nah, I don’t really like them.
C) Those hobbit things liked mushrooms, didn’t they?

5) “This is a total haven from everything else!”

A) Grey Havens! *Sob* WAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B) Yeah! It’s really peaceful here!
C) That was in the ending to that movie…kinda sad….

6)”I’ve got my eye on you…”
A)Eye!!! The lidless eye of Sauron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B) Why? I’m not causing too much trouble.
C) Hmm… that eye in the movie was creepy…

7) “There’s a spider up there!”
A) WHERE?!?!?!? AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *pulls out Sting* DIE SHELOB!
B) EEEEKKK!! I’m afraid of spiders!!!!
C) At least it isn’t huge, like that one spider…

8) “That forest is pretty!”
A) Fangorn?!?!!? Where?!?!??!
B) I think it is too!
C) Hey, is that an ant? I mean…dang! What are those moving trees called?!

9) “Want to go to the movies today?”
A) YESS!!!!!!! Several consecutive showings of ROTK, here I come!
B) Maybe. Depends what’s showing.
C) I just saw Return of the King, so I can’t go see that…

10) “Can you believe Lord of the Rings won all those Oscars? It shouldn’t have!”
A) GR………..*ROAR!!!!!* INSULTING THE RETURN OF THE KING EARNS YOU A TIME OUT! I’ll duct tape you to the stairs!
B) I didn’t see the Oscars
C) But it was a good movie!

Mostly A’s:
Obsessed! Yay! You have the same reactions to all these words as me!

Mostly B’s:
LOTR isn’t your life, is it? You need to work a whole lot harder
to even be a fan at all.

Mostly C’s:
You’re a casual fan. You saw the movie, mostly liked it, but it doesn’t really occupy your mind 24/7. With a bit of work you could be obsessed, but you need time. About half way obsessed.
Thanks for taking my obsession test!
And remember, if you take this to therapy, you’ll get a VERY different reaction. I speak from experience.


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