Lord of the Rings Musical Delayed

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4000 anxious fans hoping to be the first to see The Lord of the Rings musical in Toronto (one of the largest musical productions ever to hit the stage at a cost of $27 million Canadian), have been denied their promised performance.

The show has been delayed for a few days. The director said the show needs to be “in the best shape possible before we show it to its first audience.” That first audience will be this Saturday.

Here’s an excerpt from the article at TheStar.com

But there are people from around the world who had planned to attend those initial two performances tomorrow and Friday night at great cost and effort, because they wanted to be the first to see the stage version of the Middle-earth epic. They now feel they’re being denied that opportunity and they’re not happy about it.

There was strong reaction from ticket buyers who posted on the Internet at theonering.net: “For those fans like myself from all over the world, this is obviously a huge disappointment as well as great inconvenience,” one person wrote.

And over at forums.theonering.com, another indignant patron wrote: “Nice of them to let me know only three days in advance so I can’t get out of my hotel reservations.”

Part of the confusion may stem from the fact that the first preview of The Lord of the Rings was marketed as though it was its opening night, with a calendar in the media counting down (initially) to tomorrow, with prices the same as after the official opening.

Tickets to previews used to be offered at substantially reduced prices because of the possibility that the show could be in an unfinished state. But over the past decade, it has become a universal tradition to charge full price for all previews, regardless of the condition of the production.

Toronto is not accustomed to the rhythm of previews before a big show opens for its initial run. On Broadway, a few days’ delay in previews is something everyone has learned to accept as a fact of life. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong with the show.


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