Lord of the Classrooms – Tolkien on Campus

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Raab C. emailed me with the news that his school, Rutgers, is offering a class this Spring semester entitled “Tolkien & Oxford Christianity”. Obviously, this is not your run-of-the-mill English literature course that’s offered in today’s American universities (and how I wish a class such as this was offered before I finished my Literature degree!).

Here’s a clip from the class’s web page: “…We will try to make sense of the paradox of a narrative that, written in an age of materialism and religious skepticism, implies that the moral categories usually associated with “religion” underlie our conception of the human world at the deepest level — that “good” and “evil” are not mere human inventions but categories built into the relation between consciousness and external reality.” The english programs at today’s universities tread a dangerous line betwen exegesis and eisegesis. I sincerely hope this class stays on the path that looks into the text, not into one’s self.

Follow the link below to read up on this class!


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