Jimcalagon: British Actor Ian McShane on Gandalf – An interview by B! Eonline’s John Horde

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Jimcalagon has given us fair warning that he has posted posted a new article, John Horde interviewing the British actor Ian McShane about his portrayal of Gandalf.

Here is an excerpt:

Hello, Hobbit-lovers, now that Peter Jackson has reached the end of principal photography on his mega-epic, I decided to get in touch with Sir Ian McShane who, as you all know, is playing Gandalf. Sir Ian is now back at his home in Britain after months in New Zealand so, I wrote to his agent and Sir Ian kindly agreed to a phone interview. It was rather daunting speaking to a giant of stage and screen but, I steeled myself and phoned from the Wellington office. Here is the complete transcript of what turned out to be a very illuminating and interesting interview.

IM: Uhhh… hello?

JH: Hello, Sir Ian, it’s John Horde from B! Offline… you agreed to give me an interview…?

IM: Oh right… yes I remember. (coughs) Let me just get a sip of water. OK, right, fire away.

JH: Ahem, well, good afternoon, Sir Ian!

IM: Uh, it’s about three in the morning.

JH: Oh, er, right, well it’s afternoon here.

IM: That’s OK.

JH: Firstly, Sir Ian, let me say thank you for agreeing to this interview.

IM: Sorry, but you shouldn’t call me “Sir Ian.”

JH: Right. You like to keep it informal, I suppose.

IM: No, it’s not that at all. It’s just that I haven’t been knighted.

JH: And… does that make a difference?

IM: Yes – you can’t call me “Sir”

JH: So it’s like an honorary thing then?

IM: What is?

JH: The “Sir” thing.

IM: No. You just can’t call me “Sir Ian” at all. OK?

Please follow the link below to read the rest of this fascinating interview.


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