In the Houses of Peeling – The Lord of the Earrings The Fellowship of the Earring…. Chapter 3

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“Do you know the Aterbass plant?” asked Eracorn raising an eyebrow.” Aterbass?” replied Jam. “Geeksfoyle.” said Eracorn. “What?” asked Jam curiously. “Geeksfoyle!” shouted Eracorn angrily.” “Oh Geeksfoyle, I thought you said Kingsfoyle.” he replied shifting his eyes to the ground to look for the plant. “It might help cure the shock.” Eracorn mumbled under his breath while drawing his sword. Jam wandered about aimlessly picking up pretty flowers that had no healing powers. Eracorn knelt down to cut some Geeksfoyle from the bottom of a moldy rock when a long slimy tongue coiled around his neck. “Ieeehhhssssssssss!” sputtered Eracorn. “What’s this a Corn Cob caught of his guard?” said a slow sneaking voice. Eracorn stood up and sheathed his sword. “Snailwen!” cried Eracorn wiping the slime from his neck. As Toedo lay in shock he looked up and saw a bright light. “I’m DEAD! and I see the light!” he shouted, but to his surprise the light turned into a creeping oozing snail. “Where did I go?” thought Toedo to himself as the snail approached him. “He is weak, I fear he will not last the night if he does not receive care.” said the snail while Eracorn stuffed the chewed Geeksfoyle up Toedos’ nose. “I must take him to my father in the Houses of Peeling.” Said Snailwen slithering over to her frog. “No Snailwen! it is too dangerous! I must take him! Plus you ride a frog and my rabbit is much faster.” Said Eracorn. “Remember Eracorn my frog is the only amphibian that can outrun the Moles.” she replied, irritated. “Whatever Snailwen, go; I’m tired anyway.” said Eracorn with a wave of his kernel. As Toedo and Snailwen were riding they heard the hideous tunes of the Raspberries and soon they were upon them. Snailwen gave her frog a command and their pace quickened. They leaped across the river and stopped. The Raspberries didn’t follow but stayed their Moles on the bank. “Give us the Twothirdling!” they sang.” “If you want him come and claim him!” Snailwen replied waving her baton. The Raspberries began to cross the river, but when they entered the middle the water rose and took the form of cows! One of the cows came up and aimed an udder at them and shot a stream of water in their direction and the Raspberries were swept away. “MOOOOYAAAHH!” cried the cow as it molded back into the water with the rest of the cows. At that moment Toedo fell from his spot and hit the ground. “Toedo, no! don’t give up now, not yet; you haven’t seen the third movie!” cried Snailwen. Toedo was silent. When he awoke he was lying in a hammock and there was a funny smell in the air. By his hammock lay a weird flesh-colored cloak. “Where am I?” he asked. “You are in the house of Allrong and you are lucky to be alive!” “Oh and it’s October the twenty-fourth if you’d like to know.” said Dandygolf. “Not really, but thanks anyway ” said Toedo. “What would have happened to me if I didn’t get help?” “You would have turned into a stick of “I Cant believe it’s not Butter”!” replied Dandygolf. “Thankfully Lord Allrong had enough skill to treat you.” “How did he heal me?” questioned Toedo. “He pealed your skin!”
Dandygolf replied. “My skin! THAt”S MY SKIN LAYING THERE!” he wailed. “Yes” said Dandygolf. All of a sudden there came a loud, BANG! It was Jam! “Toedo you’re alright!” he squeaked as he jumped on the hammock. “Jam stayed by your food tray all night.” “He did? thank you so much Jam for watching my food.” Toedo said hugging him. “Boy I sure am hungry! said Toedo.”


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