In The Eyes of A Stolen Carrot – A funny poem in a carrot’s point of view.

by May 21, 2002Other News

By Stolenvegetables (*Lady_Greenleaf)…

I be a plump, orange carrot
And it was a nice, sunny day
I was mindin’ my own business,
‘Twas deep in the earth I lay.

I heard some hurried whispers
And the earth above was slightly rumbling.
I looked out and to my surprise,
Out came two short creatures stumbling.

I paid them no mind,
And went right back to sleep.
But I was yanked up from the earth,
Being greeted my the stench of hobbit feet.

“Whats going on?”
I shouted in my native tounge.
They looked hungry and I thought,
“I cannot die! I’m to young!”

I screamed out in protest,
But received no reply.
Apparently they don’t speak ‘Carrot’,
Angrily, I heaved a sigh.

Without warning I was roughly stuffed
Into a pocket oh so dark.
My captors have set off and the journey speeds up,
At the sound of a gruff shout and a dog bark.

It appears my captors,
Are fleeing from danger.
We paused for a moment,
And met up with more than one stranger.

Again we are moving
In the dark pocket I be,
Other of my kindred have been taken,
Confined in this dark chamber with me.

I guess I’ve been chosen to be a part of this journey
We’re out to destroy a ring.
And from what I’ve heard through bits and pieces,
It ’tis an evil thing.

I thought I’d be a hero
But my life was cut short
When my captor’s rear landed on me
Turning me into a splintered carrot sort.

Without my aid in destroying the ring,
The quest will have to go on.
But I have a strong feeling none save Merry’s stomach,
Will remember that I’m gone.


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