Images from the Middle Earth – A Middle-Earth Art Exhibit

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“Images from the Middle Earth”

Travel into the world of Tolkien through the artworks by the most important international illustrators of “The Lord of the Rings”.

Starting from next 1st November 2004, the 14th century fortress of Riolo Terme (Ravenna) will become the magic location of “Images from the Middle Earth”, a fantastic trip on the paths of art, from literature to cinema.

From the 1st to the 28th of November 2004, the town of Riolo Terme will host within the magnificent exhibiting area of its 14th century fortress a selection of artworks taken from the important international exhibition “Images from the Middle Earth”. The event is organized by Arteventi, Italian society of cultural events, and the municipality of Riolo Terme – Assessorship of Culture, in collaboration with ProLoco of Riolo Terme and the sponsorship of the Region Emilia Romagna, the Province of Ravenna and the Institute for the artistic, cultural and natural goods of Emilia Romagna.

Following the big success that the exhibition gained in January 2004, in Villa Celimontana – Rome, visited by 30.000 people, on occasion of the release of the last episode of the trilogy “The Lord of the Rings” by Peter Jackson, and on spring-summer 2004 in Danzig (The Green Gate) and Wroclaw (The City Arsenal), in Poland, visited by almost 70.000 people, “Images from the Middle Earth” has been recognized as the most important show of fantasy art ever realized, and it finally gets Riolo Terme, with a fine selection of the best artworks, both paintings and sculptures. The show will also include the swords of the people of the Middle Earth, part of the settings, as for example the beautiful Treebeard, realized for the film of Peter Jackson, and other rarities on the world of Tolkien’s illustration.

The enormous success of “Images from the Middle Earth” is due to the participating artists, who gave their contribution to the representation of the fantasy genre through the figurative arts. This lucky mix meets with the favour both of a very young public and also of anyone who usually doesn’t visit art galleries. Through this event, we wanted to give more visibility to the fantasy genre, often neglected or misrepresented within the world of art.

The exhibition, of worldwide importance for quality and quantity of artists, includes more than 70 artworks, which turned into illustrations on books, calendars, games, film setting, and everything relevant that it was realized in order to let the people approach this fascinating world, which passed through literature, painting and cinema.

The organizing and artistic staff (which includes artists and Tolkien’s experts) collected artworks from all over Europe, U.S.A., Canada and South Africa of artists as Angus Mcbride (SA), Ted Nasmith(CA), Roger Garland (UK), Greg and Tim Hildebrandt (USA), Ralph Bakshi, David Wenzel, Stephen Hickman (USA), Tom Cross (USA), Alan Lee (UK), John Howe (CH), Lode Claes (BE), Donato Giancola (USA), Rob Alexander (USA), Luca Michelucci (IT), Angelo Montanini (IT), Ivan Cavini (IT), Anton Spazzapan (SLO), April Lee (USA), Stephen Walsh (UK), Randy Asplund (USA), David Wyatt (UK), Capucine Mazille (FR), Maria Distefano (IT), Catherine Karina Chmiel (POL), Elizabeth Danforth (USA), Nicholas Jainschigg (USA), Mikel Janin (SP), Patrick Gely (FR), Anke K. Eissmann (GE), Roger Thomasson (SW), Diego Iaconfcic (IT), Pascal Yung (FR), Tony Galuidi (UK), Giorgio Baldessin (IT), Maura Boldi (IT), Peter Gaber (SLO), Stefano Baldo (IT), Denis Medri (IT), Timoleon Kouimtzoglou (GR), Danny Staten (USA), and sculptures by the French artist Patrick Gely, Anton Spazzapan and Diego Iaconfcic, beside the “only ring” realized by the goldsmith Alessio Leoncini.

“Images from the Middle Earth” was presented for the first time in Riccione, in the magnificent Agolanti Fortress, in August 2002, with the support of the Ministry of Communication and the Council Presidency, and it gained a lot of success and flattering responses by national and international mass media.

Afterwards, the exhibition was:

  • in Forlì – Palazzo Albertini from 19th December 2002 to 6th January 2003, visited by over 1000 people after 15 days from the opening.
  • In Rome – Castel S.Angelo from 13th January to 2nd February 2003, with the support of the Ministry of Cultural Goods, visited by over 15000 people.
  • In Ancona – Mole Vanvitelliana from 15th February to 23rd March 2003, with the support of the Province of Ancona, visited by 3000 people.
  • In Forlì – Rocca di Ravaldino from 6th to 10th July 2003.
  • In San Daniele del Friuli (Udine) – Sala delle Esposizioni from 5th to 7th September 2003, in occasion of the 10th Hobbiton, with the support of the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Provinces of Udine, visited by 12000 people.

The exhibition was eventually reconceived and enriched with new important acquisitions (over 70 new pieces) on occasion of the following dates:

  • In Roma – Villa Celimontana from 21st December 2003 to 25th January 2004, with the support of the European Parliament (Bureau for Italy), the Council Presidency and the Ministry of Communication, the Municipality of Rome (Cultural Politics Assessorship, Culture and Sport Department, Entertainment Bureau), the Embassy of New Zealand in Italy and the Tolkien Society, visited by 30000 people.
  • In Danzig (Poland) – The Green Gate (Zielona Brama) from 21st February to 18th April 2004, with the support of the Region of Pomerania and the Province of Danzig, visited by 40.000 people.
  • Wroclaw (Poland) – The City Arsenal – from 26th April to 20th July 2004 – visited by 30.000 people.

The exhibition in Riolo Terme is realized with the sponsorship of “Autostrumenti sas” of Imola, “Cattolica Assicurazioni”, “Il Letargo” of Forlì, and Radio Bruno.


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Info Exhibition

14th Century Fortress
From 1st November to 28th November 2004
Opening time: Friday and Saturday 15pm – 19pm
Sunday and festivities 10am – 12am / 15pm – 19pm
Entry ticket: full € 3,00 – reduced (up to 18 and over 60 years old) € 2,00
Info: tel. +39 0546 77408

Organized by:
Via IX Febbraio, 34
40026 IMOLA (BO)
tel. 0542 23979 / cel. 347-5396179


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