Gandalf’s Goblet – Royal Selangor

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Our efforts to track down an image of the Burger King “Gandalf Goblet” Ian McKellen describes in his July 24th Grey Book entry lead us to an even more precious discovery — an entire collection of Lord of the Rings pewter goblets!

“The first-named and most praised of the five Istarior Wizards who came to the Middle Earth from the Undying Lands. By his wisdom he guided the free peoples of Middle-earth to victory over the dark Lord Sauron. This wonderfully sculptured goblet measures 20cm tall.”

Royal Selangor, based in Malaysia, was first established in 1885 and a century later is the world’s leading pewter manufacturer. The company produces an entire line of goblets, flutes, tumblers, bowls, candlestands and chess sets in its Lord of the Rings collection. Officially licensed by Tolkien Enterprises, this range immortalizes Gandalf, Galadriel and other key characters in wierd and wonderful artifacts.

Please click on the link below to view the entire Lord of the Rings product line or visit The Tolkien Shop, where we first learned of these wonderful items.


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