Galadriel’s To Do List – Thanks EruDaughter for idea!

by Jun 20, 2003Other News

1. Send Haldir out to scout around with his 2 brothers and get rid of those pesky Orcs…
2. Drill some sense into son-in-law’s thick head.
3. Look in Mirror to see what that nasty little Sauron is up to now.
4. Re-read minutes of last White Council meeting.
5. Enlist 5 maids’ help in washing, drying, & doing hair.
6. Talk to Celeborn about getting haircut. 3 centuries worth of thick hair’s getting kinda heavy.
7. Use Nenya to reinforce border.
8. Remember to send a messenger to Haldir & Co. about guests…
9. Try to get in touch with Gandalf.
10. Figure out what’s with all the smoke from Moria.
11. Get new dress for first impression on Company.
12. Stop thinking about what good one could do with Ring..
13. Stop obsession with Ring…
14. Get that little Hobbit squirt down to look in Mirror.
15. Start work on cloaks.
16. Make Celeborn drag out those 3 old boats…hope they don’t leak.
17. Get someone to make a nice knife and 8 brooches.
18. Figure out situation with granddaughter and Elessar.
19. Make Celeborn shave. Everyone knows the only Elf that has a beard is Cirdan.
20. Grab handful of dirt and a seed out of garden and stuff it in old jewelry box for fat hobbit.


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