Fellowship vs 2005

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[Gimli is on the computer, looking up Baginses]
GImli: Aragorn!! This Goggley thing, or whatever it is is horrible! It cant even give me a result for Sauron!!
[Aragorn rubbes chin]
Aragorn: Your right! Let’s see how Legolas is doing with that TX, no wait, its called TV.
[Legolas is standing on stairs aiming bow at TV and fires. Aragorn walks in room and sees arrow sticking out of TV]
Aragorn:What did you do??
Legolas: THere was an enormous creature on TV, and it was roaring like hel!! SO I shot it.
[Legolas kicks power switch and it plays ‘The Two Towers’]
Legolas: Hey, thats me!
Aragorn: Im there too!
[Orc shows up on TV. Everyone screams]
Aragorn:The Urk-hai are invading the 20th century!!!
[Says attack in Elvish. Soldies come up with bows and arrows.]
Aragorn: Snagglehorkk!!![Kill them in elvish]
Legolas: Prepare to fire!!!
[Men load arrows]
Aragorn:Tileehow!! [attack in elvish. Men fire bows at tv and they miss.]
Frodo: Let us reclaim our Vengeance and do as they did, and blow them up with mines!!
[Aragon noddes and takes a mine out of pocket and puts it on top of the TV. Frodo wonders how he fit it in there. Scince this house is a mansion, Aragorn calls an elf from on top of a very, very, very high chandelier and commands him to jump off with the torch. He jumps off and lands on TV. TV Explodes.]
Aragorn: Victory is ours!!!
Pipin: Let us look at that Pleystayshon. No wait, i spelled it wrong Playstation.
[They walk into room and see Sam playing Mario Party]
Playstation: It’s Me!! Marrrioooo!!!
[Peach comes up.]
Peach: Press START to continue!
[Sam presses start]
Borimir: Can I have a turn?
Sam: No
Borimir: But you were playing long enough!
Sam: If you want a turn on this electronic war fighting devise, then you must fight me for it!!
[Borimir draws sword.]
Borimir: Very well! FIght!!
[they fight. Frodo comes up and starts playing.]
Playstation: Browser likes cookies!!!!
Frodo:AAAAA!!! It demands of us!! It commands us for cookies!!
Borimir: DOnt! its dangerous!!
[Borimir takes another mine out of his pocket and throws it at playstation. Playstation explodes, along with the mansion. THe fellowship are flying through the air, and land on Isengard during the march of the ents. Treebeard stomps on them.]




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