Faramir and Eowyn on Opra

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Opra:And here we are now with the lord and lady of Ithilien so you’re here because of some deaths in the family right? Faramir:uh yah (leaning towards Opra) it’s actually her with the issues, not me.
Oprah well, so tell me Eowyn, who all died in your familly
Faramirh sweetums it’s ok, they all had nice funerals right?
Oprayelling over Eowyn) WHO ALL DIED THOUGH?
Eowyn: (sniff) my uncle(sniff) my cousin (sniff sniff) my mother and father(sniff) and the rest WAAAAAAAH!!!
Faramirgetting out a hankie) she has little outbreaks every so often
Opra: Oh you poor dear tisk tisk tisk well we have a surprise for you though
Eowyn:what(sniff) what????
Opracurtains roll up) a brand new…..sports car!
Faramirjumps up) COOL!!! ooooooooh look look look(starts to pet the car)look how shiny it is!
Eowyn:a what!!!!!!!
Faramirhops in)look at this wheel thingy(honks horn)
Opra:And look it comes with a dvd player!
Faramirpresses gas) WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!
Eowyn:WHAT IS IT!!!!!!!!
Faramirdrives through a wall) WWOOOOOOOOOOHHH!!!
Eowynchases after Faramir) GET BACK HERE!!!!!
Opra: Looks like we made(eowyn screams) Another Happy couple!


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