Fangorn and the Lorax – More Dr. Suess meets Professor Tolkien

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Fangorn and the Lorax

At the far end of Fangorn
Where anger for Saruman now grows
and the wind smells sweet and fragrant when it blows.
No birds can be heard singing and there is no rose
in the path of the perturbed Treebeard.

And deep in the mossy hills, some folks say
Merry and Pippin can still find their way
Where once the beautiful Entwives stood
Just as long as they could
Before someone sent the fruits and flowers away

What were the Entwives?
And why were’nt they there
Why did they pick up roots and go away somewhere
from the deep of the forest where Entlings wept
But the Old Onodrim held fast their rooted toes
Ask the great Fangorn he knows

You won’t see Fangorn, don’t enter his wood
Don’t come with your axes to knock on the trees
He won’t let it happen, so in fear drop to your knees.
Two lost Haflings he speaks to and quenches
And if it’s his wont, he’ll tell of his friends gone away

He’ll tell you perhaps
if you’re willing to stay

Way back when the flowers grew and the grass was green.
And the headwaters of the Entwash were fresh
and it’s taste was woody, crisp and clean
and the Song of the Enyd-nightingale rang out clear
Treebeard says he is old and has always been in this place.
When he was young and saw the first Ent leaves
Oh then those Ents were so much at ease
Mile after Mile in the pristine morning breeze.

Then the foul White Wizard was saying ” I won’t harm thee “
“But my territory must grow, orcs will chop just one tree
I need them at Isenguard, it’s quite a nice place come and see “.
The White Wizard just needed more and more wood
Fangorn awoke “hroom, that wizard would take it all if he could
We’ve had enough at Entmoot, no more will we take
Call the Huorns, they’ll walk on solid ground and make it quake “.

Fangorn said nothing to the Hobbits he winked
just a deep solemn stare woven into his bark
“We have been roused boys, let us go non-stop
that wizard will be crushed, that usurping fop
He hoisted the Hobbits up and took leave of that place.
Towards Nan Curunir did he march in his “slow” race

They reached Orthanc like a dark moss they spread
“Hold on my friends ” said Saruman from his tower
“Now that you’re here, we can work out a deal.
To Grima he whispered ” slug, bring on the fire”.
The stone walls cracked and rent, the ents would not tire
Merry and Pippin ate at the guardhouse on food and other flotsam
From Helms Deep, they saw two smoking Haflings looking like jetsom
Theoden spoke and they told of Longbottom leaf and falling rocks

Without a word the whole forest walked back
To a place where Gimli swore to Legolas to return
Then Treebeard in his woods said “it’s home after all,
We are in charge of these woods so Entlings may live.
To renew the Wood of Old, we search for the Entwives.
We seek out those lovely gardners, the fruits and the flowers
We must learn the work of the Entwives to keep them in Fangorn,
The lore of the Laurellindorinans, over many slow hours.

And the Lorax smiled………..

-+ Orodreth +-


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