Discussions with Denethor – Discussion #1

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Reporter: You join us today at Osgiliath. Boromir has just retaken the city. I have managed to find Denethor, and will now ask him some questions.

Reporter: So, Denethor, rumor has it that you and Faramir and mad at each other. Is this true?

Denethor: Faramir? Do not trouble me with Faramir. I know his uses and they are few.

Reporter: Well, I didn’t exactly ask about his uses. What I really wanted to know was if you are mad at him.

Denethor: Dude, you would be mad too if your kid let a major city get captured by orcs. I mean, my goodness, he can’t even hold a city, so I have to use Boromir to get Osgiliath back.

Reporter: Interesting. There is also a rumor that Elrond is having a council at Rivendell. Has he requested your presence?

Denethor: Not really. But it has been rumored that the weapon of the enemy has been found, so I may send Boromir to try to get Isildur’s Bane.

Reporter: When you die, would you like to be buried?

Denethor: I’m not sure, I’m kind of obsessed with fire.

Reporter: So is Boromir a cool guy?

Denethor: Boromir is a lot cooler than Faramir. Boromir has the power to retake cities, give valiant speeches, and he fights pretty well.

Reporter: Does Boromir have many dreams?

Denethor: Now that you mention it, I think he had a dream recently about Isildur’s bane. This is highly confidential information though, so don’t tell anyone else.

Reporter: It’s kind of my job to tell people what you say. But anyways, here’s another question. Do you like songs?

Denethor: I like to listen to kids singing while I eat. I’m a messy eater though, so most kids don’t like to see me eat.

Reporter: If you could have a personal servant, who would it be?

Denethor: Well, I’ve always wanted a kid with an accent who can sing well, wear armor, is humble, and doesn’t care if I’m a messy eater. I wouldn’t want him as my servant though, I think I would call him a ‘Guard of the Citadel’.

Reporter: That concludes our discussion today. Join us next time, with a discussion with a mighty wizard: Mithrandir.

Denethor: Glad that’s over, I have to go find Boromir and congratulate him for rescuing the city. I’ll also see if he is interested in bringing me Isildur’s Bane.


Note from the author:

Please comment, but don’t be too harsh, because this is my first article.
If people like this, I will try to make more discussions, but with other people from Middle-earth.


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