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Gimli, Frodo, Boromir, the young Lad, Merry and Pippin (who newly
joined the festivities), come forth from the Inn and into the streets at length; the moon lays a silver light upon their faces as they lift their eyes to the pale disk high in the night sky. An aroma of Apple Cinnamon sweetly mixed with Banana Nut Bread Glade air fresheners leeks into the air of the village from the widely opened door. Gimli and
Boromir breath in so deeply that their chests thrust forward and their
necks rear back behind their shoulders.

‘Do you smell that, Lad of Gondor?’ says Gimli. ‘Tis the smell of success and fine food.’

‘Yes, fine food, though the service could have proven better,’ Says Joe. ‘The Innkeeper was quite cranky, and had no resin in throwing us out. I was rather angry when he emptied two cans of air freshener right over our table! It gave the nachos a foul taste.’

‘I too was angry,’ Says Frodo. ‘So to teach him a lesson, I put on the Ring and rolled his toilet paper in itching powder I got from Grima of the house of Theodon. Not only that, but I happened to ‘spill’ some of the same powder in all his pares of socks.’

‘Well done master Baggins!’ says Gimli.
Aragorn then comes from the house of Theodon and joins with the company that stands outside the Inn discussing what they may do with the handsome night that is still young.

‘I trust your dinner was worthy of the halls of the Dwarves, holes of the Hobbits, and feasts of Gondor?’ says Aragorn.

‘The salsa was mild! I dislike mild!’ says Gimli. ‘These Rohirrim need a lesson in the making of salsa, and how to burn the whiskers off a man’s chin!’

‘I do not doubt the Dwarves skill, master Dwarf,’ Says Aragorn. ‘Tell me, young Lad of Gondor, how was your meal here in Rohan?’

‘Tis was the finest meal ever eaten; the Cimmichangas were especially good! I ate three.’

‘This may explain why you look like a tall Dwarf without a beard,’ Says Aragorn.

‘Hey! I got fuzz growing on these baby cheeks! I need only one more year and I will have a beard that may sweep the floor as I walk (it will make at least one chore in my house a lot easier!).’

‘Of course you shall young Lad. Have you seen the house of the king in any of your traveling to Rohan? And have you met the lady of Rohan?’ says Aragorn.

‘I have not seen any of these things,’ Says Joe.

‘The lady is so fare; like an early morning of spring still clinging to winters chin. We spoke at length in the kings halls, and I think we really hit it off!’ says Aragorn, smirking lightly. ‘Would you like to meet her? I may bring you to her at this moment.’ Joe suddenly bursts red from blushing, and a queer stutter comes to his voice.

‘Well I think I better not. I am sorta sleepy.’

‘Oh come now, lad!’ says Gimli. ‘Go meet the girl! Look at those shoulders, how can she resist that? And those chubby cheeks and pearly whites, and not to mention-‘

‘Please master Dwarf, I am well complemented,’ says Joe.

‘I’m hungry,’ Says Pippin. ‘Who wants another burrito?’ Merry waves his hand, and they enter the Inn together again. Suddenly, as Joe still babbles his excuses in a flustered manner, a fare lady strides down the
street; her hair is like a river of gold, and her pale face seems to overwhelm the moon and lay it in shadow. Joe straitens his back and wipes the crumbs from his shirt.

‘My lord,’ the lady begins as she comes and stands next to Aragorn. ‘Desert is being served in the kings hall, may you join us?’

‘I will, and if I may ask, can I invite a friend to join as well? This is Joe, a lad of Gondor, and he visits this village from long travels. Joe, this is the lady Eowyn, the niece of Theodon.’ The lady Eowyn’s eyes fall upon the panicking lad, and she sees him as handsome, and she takes his hand and holds it as they talk of things that they enjoy and find pleasing, and those of the lady, and those of the lad were very common to each other.

‘My lord Joe, do you hold a fondness for entertainment?’ says Eowyn.

‘I do,’ Says Joe.

‘Are you fond of Mario and his video adventures?’ says the lady.

‘I am afraid I am not as fond of him as I am with games of strategy and long planning,’ Says Joe.

‘This pleases me, for I hold no fondness for him either. I do very much like Super Smash Bro. Have you heard of the game?’ says Eowyn.

‘Have I heard of it?! I am quite fond of that game indeed! I have it with me in fact, upon the back on my steed!’ Aragorn, at this time has grown rather impatient with the growing affection between the lady and the lad, and he many times tries to enter their conversations so to tell of a brave tale where he nearly escaped death to save a puppy; yet the lady would hold her finger in front of him and silence him so to hear the deep, strong voice of the lad.

‘You have this game with you? May I ask leave from you so I may hook my video game system up in your quarters?’ says the lady.

‘And may I ask leave of you, so I may retrieve this game and gather my controllers? I promise to you that I will return and sit at your side while we play.’

‘I should like that, lord Joe. I only ask one thing of you. I wish to be first player.’

And so the two depart only for a while, and they gather their things from stable and house, and soon come together again in the room of the Inn.

It was here that they played until morning rose in burning color, yet cool air. In the night, the lord Joe became very frustrated, for the lady Eowyn was skilled at this game, and gave the lad no mercy, and the lad Joe, even with all his talent, could not defeat the lady. Eowyn grew quite happy, and often leapt into the air, cheering after each victory, though Joe did not mind as the night was young, for the lady’s face was fairer then any beauty in Middle Earth. Yet in the late hours, the lad was determined to win, and drank many bottles of Vanilla Coke so to stay awake, and became incredibly serious, not heeding to any joke or act of jest. Nevertheless, the lad only won once, as the sun was rising, only because the lady Eowyn thought him kind and good hearted, so she gave the match to him without his knowing. And so the lad was content with his ONE win, and the lady content with all the dealings of the evening.

They now part for rest, and with a soft kiss on Joe’s cheek, she leaves for the kings house, and so ends a great evening for the lad.


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