Comic Strip on Tolkien – Dork Tower – Part 1

by Jul 20, 2000Other News

Dork Tower on LOTR – Part 1
Liv C. emailed me awhile back about a comic strip that was referring to The Lord of the Rings in its daily incarnations. Now, at last, after some emails and some time she’s secured permission for us to print them here! We’ll be featuring the series of 7 strips over the next week or so.

What exactly is “Dork Tower?” Here’s how one website puts it: “DORK TOWER is a collection of gag strips about four gaming buddies: Matt, Igor, Ken, and Carson. They break down into your standard types: sensible, fanatic, intellectual, and talking muskrat. (Carson also appears in the WILD LIFE comic strip. No one here seems to notice he’s not human.) Most issues start off with a longer story targeting some aspect of fandom; vampire gaming, web pages, Star Wars, and dating are just some of the topics covered so far.

Thanks for the comics, Liv!


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