Boromir’s List Of Things To Do…

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Boromir’s List Of Things To Do…

1. Stop trying to steal the ring from Frodo.

2. Teach Hobbits sword fighting.

3. After Cahradras incident ask Aragorn to teach Hobbits sword fighting.

4. Resist urge to ruffle Hobbits hair.

5. Stop trying to obtain the ring via various nefarious methods.

6. Will walk slower in mines of Moria and not go over the edge so have to be saved by Legolas.

7. Will prevent myself from attempting to acquire band of gold from Frodo’s necklace.

8. Will look up Isildur’s family tree and see if Aragorn son of Arathorn really is heir to the throne of Gondor. And if he is I will not complain.

9. Will annoy Legolas as often as possible by not revealing that I know Aragorn is/is not Heir to said throne.

10. Discontinue any plans I may have entertained about the merest possibility of taking the certain object of power that Sauron’s wants, out of Frodo’s possession so that it is in mine.

11. Protect hobbits from evil things and/or falling bridges.

12. Stop looking at Frodo in a way that implies I wish to acquire a certain object that is currently in his possession.

13. Evade death

This was not written by the submitter. I do not know who did. When I do I will let you all know. Thank you to the Author for this very funny thing. It was received in an email. All proper credit to whom it is do. More To do lists coming soon.


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