Bilbo Takes the Stage – Hobbits perform in Oz/NZ

by Sep 17, 1999Other News

Our friend Joram over at has pointed out that a stage version of The Hobbit is touring in the Australia/New Zealand area. I’ve always envisioned a staged Hobbit or Lord of the Rings, so I’m very excited about this.

Although this one uses large complex puppets rather than live-action performers, they look extremely well-done and I’m very impressed by the pictures posted on their site.

It’s a real shame I won’t get a chance to see this, living in the U.S., and I can only hope that they release a performance on video, as they do with many large stageshows (unless some fan out there wants to sneak in their camcorder? Haha, j/k). Don’t miss your chance to check out what could turn out to be a nice prelude to your LOTR movie preparations. We’d love to read some of your reviews, so send them in if you can make it! And feel free to head on over to our messageboards to talk about it!


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