Behold! Anduril, Flame of the West! – The Sword of King Elessar from United Cutlery Product Review

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Limited Edition Anduril, The Sword of King Elessar

United Cutlery Product Review UC1380ASLB

Anduril:  The Sword of King Elessar, Limited EditionAnduril:  The Sword of King Elessar, Limited Edition

I FINALLY have enough swords within my humble abode to equip a very small army…but, an army nonetheless. You see, Anduril, Flame of the West, arrived today at The Mithril Armoury after many months of great expectations.

Why “great expectations”? Well, if you are a collector of the LOTR Movie replica props, then you’ve been drooling for Anduril for quite some time. We’ve seen the product pictures and the spoiler shots from the movie of Aragorn, as Elessar, charging forth with Anduril held strongly in his hand. Across his chest is the White Tree of Gondor, (and it sorta looks like he stole Boromir’s leather duster from FOTR, but surely he wouldn’t have done that…and where would he have kept it all this time?)

Before I go any further, major “thank you” to United Cutlery for going ahead and putting “The Sword of King Elessar” on the box and product description; after all, isn’t that a minor spoiler? I agree that it’s hardly necesary to worry about spoiling a book that’s been in print for 50 years, but….

….let’s move on….

So, whether or not “The Sword of King Elessar” is a minor spoiler or not, (hey the movie is called “Return of the King” after all), that is the name of UC1380ASLB, the movie prop replica from United Cutlery.

And, yes, it is a gorgeous sword!  Complete with:

Genuine leather grip

1/4″ thick, tempered stainless steel blade

Solid metal hand guards and pommel

Limited Edition plaque with 24K gold plated Sea Bird Crest and Tree of Gondor icons

Serialised and numbered

Anduril, like it’s “parent” Narsil, is a long, heavy sword. (Disclaimer: From this point forward, for this review only, and until further notice, when I refer to any Tolkien sword names, I am referring to the United Cutlery movie prop replicas.) Weighing in at about 14 lbs, it nearly threw my back out this morning when the very first delivery arrived at The Mithril Armoury, and I began to move them into the shipping area. No, I’m not a wimp; they come four to a box! I could not resist opening one of them just to feast my eyes upon this beauty. (And, I confess, I was chatting with a friend of mine, another *gasp* Purist, and we wanted to see if we could find any Sun, Moon, or Stars on this Anduril.)

When you open the styrofoam protector packaging, one of the first things that you see are the lovely 24K gold plated Sea Bird Crest and Tree of Gondor plaque…err…add ons. They truly do glow with a golden sheen and, no doubt, will make a very impressive display plaque for this Limited Edition sword.

Then we get to the good stuff: the sword itself. (Bladeheads will understand what I mean!) As you put your hands around the hilt, atop the leather grip, you are very aware of how large and how heavy this sword is. Elessar is fighting with this thing one handed!! THAT, mellyn, is simply amazing. Oh, and here’s a tip, (literally) don’t let the tip of the sword come down too very hard atop your foot, (or any other exposed flesh, for that matter), it’s not tremendously sharp, but this sword is heavy enough that you could end up with a few stitches if you’re not mindful!

The pommel has intricately carved runes, in the Elven language of Sindarin, that say, “Narsil essenya, macil meletya; Telchar carneron Navarotesse.” This translates to “Narsil is my name, a mighty sword; Telchar made me in Nogrod.” The runes are somehow made to look golden, and even upon close inspection, are quite well done.

Wait. Telchar was a Dwarf. Why would Sindarin be used with an Elvish Tengwar script? Did the Rivendell Elves do this when they patched Narsil back up for Aragorn? Certainly, Telchar would not have put the secret Dwarven tongue upon his blade, (since it was and is a secret), but would he have used Elvish Sindarin and Elvish script? Hmmm….well, possibly. Something to ponder anyhow.

At any rate, the script is lovely and well done. By the way, it is on both sides of the pommel.

Now, to the blade itself. Well, it’s not really a blade since it’s not edged, but we’ve come this far, so let’s just go with it, shall we?

The sword’s description tells me that “…the blade inscription features runes framed by stylized symbols of the Sun and the Moon, which represent Anarion and Isildur, the sons of Elendil, and seven symbolic stars that represent Elendil, who died wielding Narsil in battle against Sauron.”

Now, what that really means is that the blade, at the bottom of the crossguard, has six little diamond shaped impressions/grooves that represent the Sun. Three on each side of the crossguard bottom point. At the far, far , far end of the fuller groove, after all the runes, (which we’ll get to in a moment), is a crescent moon, with its face open to the runes. So, there you have it, Sun and Crescent Moon on both sides of blade.

Aragorn receives AndúrilAragorn receives Andúril

Now the runes carved into the fuller groove are interesting as well, and yes, they are very well done. (Laser cut? I am not sure.) The runes are the runes of Eregion and the language is that of Quenya, (the Elven “Latin” aka “Dead” language), and they read, “Nanye Anduril i ne Narsil i macil Elendilo. Lerucvanten i mali Mordereo.” Which means, “I am Anduril, who was Narsil, the sword of Elendil. Let the thralls of Mordor flee me.”

In between each of the words there are nicely done six pointed stars; again, I am guessing lasers were used for these; and they do indeed look very crisp.

Tolkien’s description of Anduril, from the chapter, “The Ring Goes South”, reads like so: “The Sword of Elendil was forged anew by Elvish smiths, and on its blade was traced a device of seven stars set between the crescent Moon and the rayed Sun, and about them was writtten many runes; for Aragorn son of Arathorn was going to war upon the marches of Mordor Very bright was that sword when it was made whole again; the light of the sun shone redly in it, and the light of the moon shone cold, and its edge was hard and keen. And Aragorn gave it a new name and called it Anduril, Flame of the West.”

The Reforging of the SwordThe Reforging of the Sword

With the United Cutlery Anduril, Sword of King Elessar, you have your seven stars, your runes, your crescent moon, and rayed Sun. You even have some golden adornments, 24K gold plated no less!, that make it shine as much as one can in this late Age of Man. The United Cutlery movie prop replica is an exquisite sword, and for fans of Peter Jackson’s movies, who are collecting the UC swords, daggers, and helmets, it is indeed a “must have”. Limited to 5000, each one is numbered and comes with its own autographed John Howe Certificate of Authenticity.

Now, does it shine with the red light of the Sun, or does the Moon make it shine with a cold sheen? Uh, no. (Yea, I tried it today and just a bit ago once the sun went down.) It’s edge is…well, it has no edge. However, it IS heavy, it IS gorgeous to behold, and it IS very long; and for the purpose of adorning your wall of choice with the Anduril from the Peter Jackson films, this sword is for you. (Make sure you hang it from a 2 x 4, otherwise, you’re going to rip one big hole in your wall of choice!)

You can get the Anduril, Limited Edition Sword of King Elessar from The Mithril Armoury,, for $180.00 USD. Tolkien Online Premiere Members can get it for $166.50 USD! (Percentages of all sales at The Mithril Armoury are paid to Tolkien Online.)



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