Balrogs and Flying Monkeys – 1,000 Balrogs to be Unleashed by Sideshow/WETA

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My mother will be so proud of me. I did not pre-order the SideshowWeta Limited Edition of 1,000 Balrog statue. Not only did I not pre-order it, I don’t plan to order it at any point in the future. I really don’t. And it’s not just the fact that it’s pricey at $300, (it’s immaculate and worth, it, but that’s still a chunk of change).

You see, I don’t want a Balrog in my house. Anywhere in my house. Neither do I want a Ringwraith, Ringwraith Sword, WitchKing Ring, Orc statue, or WitchKing Sword in my house. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I personally have had real nightmares about Nazgul, WitchKings, and Balrogs. I don’t know if its because I first read The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings when I was quite young; or, if it’s just THAT scary. I actually opt for the latter. Balrogs frighten me. They frighten me so badly that I’ve never really cared to comment upon the Balrog Wings or No Wings debate. WHO CARES?! Wings or No Wings, I do NOT want to run into a Balrog. I HOPE that they do NOT have wings, if you must know, for a flying Balrog is beyond mind-numbing scary; it’s heart stopping terror.

A Balrog is more frightening than…say….the Flying Monkeys from The Wizard of Oz. The Flying Monkeys of the Wicked Witch are creepy; I’ll give you that. And I’ve had a few nightmares about them, too, but I think that I could probably beat one of those monkeys up pretty good if he tried to snatch me, ya know? Not so with Master Balrog.

A Balrog is more frightening than the ETs in the new movie, Signs. It would be a bit more of a challenge, but if frightened enough, I think I could probably put up a pretty good fight against them, too. Hysteria can grant one powers of superhuman strength; or, so I’m told. However, no matter how hysterical I might become, I do not think that I could stand long against a Balrog.

So, yes, Balrogs are things of nightmares. Sometimes, I think, in our intellectual pondering of Tolkien’s Middle Earth, we forget just how REAL all of it is. For me, it takes my annual re-read of Lord of the Rings to awaken me again to the magic of Tolkien’s words. The rest of the year, I’m on the web and conversing about Did Elrond’s Sons remain in Middle Earth or sail eventually; was Celeborn at the Last Alliance; what color was Celebrian’s hair; what color was Legolas’s hair; Why Nine Rings; Why Three Rings…..

Tolkien’s dark creation, the Fire Demons, BALROGS, are indeed part of the nightmare realm. Dark horrors with Maiar strength and intelligence, they are one of the enemies of the Free Peoples. Do not delve too deeply; you do not know what you might awaken. Something about that “delving too deeply” is really spooky. I mean, knowing what you know about Balrogs, had you been with the Fellowship in Moria, wouldn’t you have squealed just like Legolas when you saw the Balrog?

And now, 1,000 Balrogs will be unleashed upon Middle Earth.

Think about that. 1,000 Balrogs, Nazgul, (no longer just Nine…we’re talking thousands!), One Rings, and Ringwraith armor and swords. I think that we’re gonna need Gandalf and Glorfindel to be sent back just one more time.

Are you brave enough to own one?  Go check out the Balrog; Sideshow has done a fabulous job!



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