At Caradras – ” Gandalf, we must head back ! “

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And so the fellowship was climbing up the slope of Caradras…

… and it was now, that Aragorn felt the beans that he had for lunch…no toilet near…

” Gandalf! We must head back! ” he screamed in agonny.

” No!” he got a reply from Gandalf. The old man was pointing on a ski tow.

” 9 tickets please, 4 for children ( hobbits ) , 1 for a teenager ( Gimli ), and 4 adults please. ” Aragorn said, holding his stomach.

” Err…” he got a reply from the orc in the ticket booth.
” Well…we got orders that no selling tickets to the Fellowship of the ring mate…so I guess….NO! ”

“Crap.” Gandalf cursed, and he smashed his stick against the snow.
As he did, it made a terrible blast, and it melted the icebergs in the Northern Atlantic.

” How did you know?” Aragorn replied.
” Huh?” Gandalf didn’t understand.
” You said ‘ crap ‘ ,and you were right.
” What you mean…hey, what is that!?!?!”

The hobbits were literally flying down the slope on slades.
” Yeehaw!” they heard Frodo scream.
” Curse this day!” Boromir said.
” No food, no water! “

” Jees, just eat the snow!” Gandalf adviced.
” No don’t ! … I was about to say, not that yellow one! But too late now…”

” What about the hobbits, Gandalfo?” Aragorn asked, jumping up and down, trying to hold the inside of his stomach inside.

” Let’s just follow them down, I guess.”

And so this is how the fellowship reached the Gate of Moria. But that story is for next time. Good night!


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