are you obsessed with hobbits? – or any other general lotr thing… but mostly hobbits right?

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1~you think you should be a hobbit, after all, its the best thing for you really. (of course it is)

2~you are insulted when other poeple stop you from your hobbitish ways. (well its only natural)

3~you have a $30 cardboard cutout of merry, sam, frodo, and pippin in your room. (me!! me!!! and i love it!!! QUIT STARING FRODO!!!!))

4~you find out what movies the actors of the hobbits are in and go to ANY lengths to see them. (seriously, i would kill to see sniper 470)

5~you ride horses but wish you were short enough to ride ponies.

6~you try to make your own foot-long pipe which barely works and smoke grass in it. (i would but i have no clay… but i wouldnt try the grass bit)

7~you wish your feet were hairy. (yes i do)

8~you think hairy feet are SOOOOOOO sexy. (well they are!)

9~you actually know what your hobbit name is. (mine would be lilly bumbleroot)

10~whenever you take an internet quiz to see which lotr character you are most like, you are insulted if you do not get one of the hobbits for your answere. (its an outrage!!!)

11~you actually take the time to take internet quizzes. (but theyre so fun!)

12~people know better than to mention feet of any kind around you.

13~when you tell your teacher to look for a classical song on the internet, she asks if its from lotr. (well it might be….)

14~you love the midgets, and you call them halflings. (but they ARE)

15~if you could choose between narsil and sting you would choose sting. (its the only obvious choice!)

16~you watch the scene of merry and pippins drinking song at the green dragon in the extended fotr over and over till youve LEARNED that song. (but its just so great…)

17~you went to see master and commander just to see billy boyd, and you think that he should have been CAPTAIN not driver of the boat. (but he was still so adorable dressed as a whaler)

18~you did not enjoy master and commander but you will buy it anyway because billy boyd is in it. (THATS ME!!!)

19~a lot of these things apply to you. (oh pshaw…..)

20~you actually understood everything in this wannabe fanfic.

(everything that in is the captions applies to me…. i might follow this up with an elf version or a rohan version or something… email eny suggestions to, or instant message me at wrathofthepuppy6 for aim, and wrathofthepuppy for yahoo, thanx for taking the time to read this => yay for lotr!!!! …and billy boyd… *sighs*)


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