Are Women Bored of the Rings? – Come on girls! Let’s hear a resounding NO!

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Are Women Just bored of the Rings? NY Times.

I just read the most ignorant load of codswallop ever published in a national newspaper regarding the female response to Lord of the Rings. Which newspaper could fall so readily for the trap of stereotyping the female fan you may ask? The answer to that one is the New York Times.

Really, now…they ought to know better.

It would seem that one of their reporters, Caryn James was so totally disenchanted by the films, especially Return of the King, that she couldn’t help but rave on about the film being a boys own adventure tale, completely lacking in human emotion. A ‘soulless’ drama to which women could not possibly enjoy or relate to at all but instead ‘an FX extravaganza tailored to an adolescent male’s fear of sentiment and love of high-tech wizardry.’

Personally, I am tired of these reporters trying to appear intellectual on outdated philosophies that they barely paid attention to in University especially when they were too busy sleeping through the lectures on statistics and how to calculate empirical evidence. When is the media going to get off this interminable soap box about the films having no appeal to a female audience as the ‘Fellowship’ had no female members? When are they gong to listen to ‘us’ and actually report a few facts?

Ah! I know I’m living in dreamland here when I expect the media to report something responsibly, but I feel that NOW is the time to make our voices heard girls. Aren’t you tired of being lumped in the box that only allows you to enjoy the so called ‘chick flick’? Aren’t you tired of being stereotyped in your personal choices? Don’t you think that the media presume too much about the female fan? Isn’t it time that we let the media know that Lord of the Rings is the biggest ‘chick flick’ of all time, and that this has nothing to do with eye candy?

I say YES! Let’s sock it to them. Read the rubbishy article for yourself and then let them have it. How can these films be considered ‘soulless’? Here is the Webster Dictionary’s defintion of the word;


Soul”less, a. Being without a soul, or without greatness or nobleness of mind; mean; spiritless.

I don’t know about you girls, but personally I cried buckets through this so called ‘soulless’ film and sat in a theater where the majority of audience members were female. I think that puts paid to the ridiculous assertion that our only consolation in the film was Viggo Mortensen. I also just returned from The Gathering in Toronto, where well over 75% of the attendees were female. What can this idiotic reporter be thinking? Not much at all I would say.

You will need to sign up to read the article in full from the New York Times, but registration is free. I urge you to then write a letter to the editor and author of this unworthy piece and let them know the power of the female fan. Take up your swords (the pen of course) Shieldmaidens and set matters right!

“Arise, arise, Female Fans!

Fell deeds awake:

Spear shall be shaken

Shield be splintered

A sword-day, (The pen is mightier remember)

a red day,

Write now!

Write now!

Write now to the New York Times!”


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