APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE! – The Two Towers Applause Replicas Revealed!

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Wowsers.   The Applause Two Towers replica figurines, along with some other goodies, have been revealed.  You don’t need a palantir to see them either, mellyn.  You can follow the magical link at the bottom of this page and find out what Treebeard and the Wargs look like.

But…do you really want to do that?  Do you want to spoil the excitement and thrill of when you finally sit in the theater in mid December and KNOW that Treebeard is about to appear on the screen? 

Do you?

As you have probably guessed, I was unable to resist the temptation.  Put simply, I have no will power anymore.  I KNEW that I should have never bought that Badali One Ring Replica.   Paul, (of Badali Jewelry), your creations are not only beautiful, they are also potent.   Are you allied to this master plan to ensnare us all and bind us?    But, I digress…

I looked at the Applause replica figures.  My eyes grew wide.  I made a few excited phone calls.  Fortunately, I have something akin to “good” Hobbit sense and HID my credit card.   For the time being, anyway. 

But, now that I’ve seen Treebeard, I feel like I used to feel when my mother would finally succumb to my incessant whining on Christmas Eve and let me open my presents early.   I should have waited.    Yes, truthfully, I should have waited.   Oh, I’ll still be smiling like one of  Beruthiel’s cats who ate a few royal canaries as I watch the Two Towers; there’s no doubt about that.   But, I will probably choke just a bit on a few feathers justifiably labeled “guilt”.

If you do venture to gaze at the unveiled figures, here is what you will see:

  • Treebeard with Merry and Pippin

  • Gandalf the White (who is uncanny in his resemblance to Sir Ian!)

  • Legolas drawing his bow (another VERY purty replica!)

  • Gimli

  • Saruman

  • Sam and Frodo

  • Frodo solo

  • 3 mini character sets in which the Warg and Rider appear

Applause is also making more pint mug replicas; I have the Green Dragon Inn and The Prancing Pony pint mugs.  They are really quite nice pint mugs.  The new ones are Rohan and an Uruk Hai pint set; and they, too, are very nice additions to your Inn wares.  There are a few keychains, (I wonder if the Key to Orthanc is included?), and yet another One Ring replica. 

You know, I’m beginning to wonder at all of these One Ring replicas.  Does it not seem like the sort of plot that Sauron would put into place?   Send One Rings of all price ranges and availability out into Middle Earth and see who they can ensnare to His dark will.  And, hey, Middle Earth now has credit cards where getting them into the grubby little hands of the Free Peoples is easier than riding around on horseback and  offering them with pretty words and promises of power.    Sauron would never even have to leave his Dark Tower; he would just need a secure website.  Scary, huh?

So, to go or not to go, that is the question.



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