Anime LotR – Chapter 2: The Nazgul

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All of a sudden, arrows soared through the air, nearly missing Rei and the boy as they hit the tree. Archers leaped out of the bushes, their bows fitted with arrows. The two at the head were Elrohir and Elladan.

“Who are you?” asked Elladan.

“This is the forest of InuYasha,” his brother added. “Not a soul is bidden to come here.” Rei stared fearfully at the soldiers.

*What have I gotten myself into now?!*

Chapter 2: The Nazgul
Serena hit the bottom of the well, Rini landing on top of her.

“OUCH!” she yelled.

“Quit being a crybaby, Serena,” scolded Rini. “Now how are we gonna get outta the well?!”

“Calm down Rini.” Serena scanned the inside of the well, her eyes catching a pale a grey rope. “There!” she said excitedly. “We’ll limb up using this rope!” Rini ran ahead and grabbed the rope. As soon as she began to shimmy up it, the rope was pulled toward the top of the well. Serena waved her arms over her head.

“What about me?” she whined. The rope came back down again, and Serena smiled. “That’s more like it.” She shimmied up the rope to the top of the well. Serena drug herself out by digging her nails into the wooden edge.

As she lay in the grass catching her breath, a pair of light boots came closer. Serena sat up in surprise and tried to run back down the well, but Rumil and Orophin were keeping watch.

“Hey! Untie me!” commanded Rini. “My mom’s a queen and she’ll make you pay for this!” The brothers laughed at her demands.

“Surely she is no match for the wisdom of Lady Galadriel,” said Haldir, helping Serena to her feet.

“I don’t know,” Rini continued. “My mom is pretty wise and very beautiful, too. She’s also Sailor Moon.”

“We do not know of this Sailor Moon whom which you speak of,” said Rumil. “And you are not bound. Orophin’s just merely holding you by your wrist.” Rini scowled at them and stuck her tongue out.

“Come, my brothers,” said Haldir. “Let us bring our visitors to Caras Galadhon.” With that, he began to walk to the stream Nimrodel, his brothers and the girls following.
Lita landed gracefully on her feet, followed by Ami and Mina.

“Where did she go?” asked Mina. Ami opened her handheld and scanned the inside of the well.

“She was just here a minute ago,” she concluded. “She got out using that vine over there.”

“Great,” said Lita. She grabbed hold of the vine and began to scale the well.

“But it seems that the environment around us has changed,” continued Ami. “We’re still in Tokyo, but there’s no city.”

“Ya got that right!” called Lita from the top of the well. “Guys, get up here! It’s beautiful.” Mina climbed out of the well.

“Whoa, you’re right,” she said. Ami climbed out next, awestruck by the golden plains stretching for miles. Several horsemen led by Eomer appeared on the plain.

“Not a step further!” Eomer commanded. “What business does a troop of maidens have in the middle of the Plains of Rohan?”

“Not a clue,” Mina sighed dreamily, staring at Eomer.

“Mina!” Lita said through clenched teeth.

“Be you servants of Light, or servants of Darkness?” Eomer asked.

“We’re the Sailor Scouts,” Lita said firmly. “We protect those in trouble.”

“Sailor Scouts, eh? Don’t think I’ve heard of you girls in my life. But does that mean you fight for good, or Sauron?”

“Duh! `We protect those in trouble’?! That should have been a major clue.”

“Oh, right. We have no spare horses, so you will be double-riding with two of my horsemen.” He held his hand out to Ami. “Come, ride behind me.” Mina’s jaw dropped in surprise. Lita rested her hand on her shoulder.

“Relax, Mina. You’ll get your chance soon,” she said with a small grin.
Rei twisted her hands to untie her bonds. The villagers stared at her like she was an animal at the zoo.

“Who is she?” asked Pippin.

“Perhaps she’s one o’ them kitsune foxes using tricks to look like a girl,” said Frodo.

“A might strange garb her folk dressed her in,” remarked Gimli, referring to her school uniform.

“I wouldn’t be talkin if I were you, Dwarf boy,” snapped Rei. “At least I don’t have to wear a skirt.”

“Make way!” announced Elladan. “Lord Elrond and Master Gandalf are come!” A tall man with dark hair and stern eyes came before Rei. Another tall man dressed in grey with a long beard followed. Elrond walked around her, getting a good look at her.

“Let me see your face,” said he as he gently grasped her chin. Rei groaned impatiently as Elrond turned her face from side to side. Gandalf also observed her face.

“She is nearly her image,” the wizard concluded.

“Whose image?” asked Rei.

“My daughter Arwen’s” Elrond replied.
The twins and Gandalf sat on the floor by the fire, the wizard smoking his pipe. Elrond offered Rei a bowl of warm soup.

“Are you not hungry?” he asked.

“Well, it would be easier to eat if you could UNTIE ME FIRST!!” snapped Rei.

“Oh. Right. Sorry about that.” Elrond untied her hands and feet. He turned to Elrond and asked, “Elladan, why don’t you explain the story to our guest?”

*Oh goody. Another legend…* Gandalf set down his pipe.

“Princess Arwen was a protector of Rivendell,” he began. “Long ago, my sister was mortally wounded by a half-demon by the name of InuYasha. Before her death, my sister used the last of her strength to seal him to a tree with her arrow. Afterwards, she told my brother and me to burn the Ring and the Shikon Jewel along with her body. That was 50 years ago. She died so young.” Elladan sighed sadly, remembering what his sister had said to them: `No. Take these…and burn them along with my body…’

“So,” said Rei, breaking the silence, “I guess I’m not in Tokyo any more, huh?”

“Tokyo?” wondered Elrohir. “Is that the land of your birth?”

“Uh, I guess,” she replied. “I just thought I should be going soon.”

*But where do I go from here?*

The wall of the house was smashed by a horse that was thrown. The twins grabbed their bows and prepared to fight. The cries of, “Run! Demons!” echoed throughout the village. Rei saw a group of nazgul galloping after a woman and her baby.

“The creep’s gonna get them!” she cried. Elrohir aimed his bow at the running Nazgul and fired. The arrow pierced the nazgul’s shoulder and it screamed in pain while the woman got away.

“Perhaps if we lead them into the dry well, we could trap them!” exclaimed Gandalf.

*The well…?*

“Where’s the well?” asked Rei.

“In InuYasha’s forest,” the wizard replied. “To the East, toward-“

“The light? Okay!” Rei took off in the direction of the aura, the nazgul following right behind her.

Elrohir leaned on Gandalf.

“Did she truly say she could see the evil surrounding the forest?” he asked. The wizard didn’t answer.

“Arwen’s been reborn,” he answered.
The arrow trapping InuYasha began pulsating power through his body. InuYasha’s ears slowly twitched as the curse in the arrow broke. A large pulse broke the curse, freeing InuYasha from his long sleep. His eyes shot open and he sniffed the air. InuYasha narrowed his eyes.

“She’s coming,” he growled. “The smell of the woman who murdered me is near.” He reached for the arrow, but it’s power shielded it from his touch. “Curse you, witch,” he snarled. “Curse you and your putrid arrows.”
Rei ran as fast as she could, the nazgul gaining on her with every stride of their mounts.

“Give us the Ring!” one commanded.

“What?! I don’t even have a–” Rei’s reply was cut short by a tree root. She tripped over it and fell on her stomach. Rei scrambled to get up, then ran even faster, leaving the nazgul in the dust.

As she neared the well, Rei tripped over yet another root. Hearing the nazguls’ steeds coming closer, she began to whimper for her family.
“Honestly, Arwen,” came a voice. “Why toy with second-raters like them?”


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