And the Dog – . . . ran away

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And the Dog

I have a beautiful dog. She’s a golden retriever cross, and the nicest you can every imagine. In fact, there is only one thing about her that ever annoys me: if you let her off-lease, she’ll often run, not to be found for hours.

Guess what happened today? Right. I had been out searching for 45 minutes, and was tired of it. She’s come back eventually. Still . . . “Honey? Here girl! Come on!” This was getting ridiculous; I’d wake the neighbors at this time of night.

Finally, I gave up. It was her problem. I turned home. Just as I was within maybe twenty feet of my house, a strange voice spoke behind me – to me – but in a language I didn’t understand. I turned. There stood a tall, handsome young man with beautiful golden hair, and a face that, had I an ounce less self control, I would have gaped and drooled at. Really.

“Can I help you?” I asked. He said something else, and motioned down. I looked, and saw Honey sitting at his feet. “Oh, thank you.” Bad dog, I thought.

The man keep talking, probably telling me he had found my dog wandering, and not to let her loose, because that was a bad idea, and whatever else people in this situation would say. Please note he was only probably saying those things – I couldn’t understand a word of it. Finally, he handed me Honey’s lease. Wait a minute, Honey hadn’t been wearing one!

I looked down to see a thin and well-made rope. Ah, whoever that was, he certainly was thoughtful. I smiled at the man and repeated my thanks, before turning. Honey seemed strangely reluctant to leave the man, and I thought that odd, because usually she just barks, and she was being so quiet. But there was something else bothering me: his face. I knew it. I should have known it immediately. Oh, geez.

“Legolas?” I asked, whipping around to look where the elf had stood. But he was as gone as if he had never been there, save for the rope.

A little in shock, I turned and walked back to the house, put Honey in, and placed the rope in my pocket. In a sudden frenzy, I ran outside, search, searching. If Legolas – or some random elf – had been here . . . well, there must be a portal to Middle-earth!

I ran about for several hours, but found absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. If there had been, I’m sure it would have been washed out by a short drizzle that started just in time to make me even more miserable at not having found anything.

At last, I slowly went back to my house. There had been some kind of portal to Middle-earth! Right here in my neighborhood! And the dog had been the one to find it.


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