An Interview with Frodo – The real hobbit behind the screens

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Hello! This is Gary here! You may remeber me from such interveiws as ‘Tonight with The Dark lord’ and ‘What’s it like to be Smeagol’ Today we have a something different for you! Here in The studio with me is Frodo Baggins!

GARY- So Frodo what’s it like to star in such a show as ‘THE LORD OF THE RINGS SKETCH SHOW’?

FRODO- Well, at first it was quite scary, I mean some of the script is a bit strange and I had to do a lot of stunts, as they couldn’t find a stuntman my size…

GARY- Rrrrrright…(takes notes: stuntmen not short enough) Err carry on….

FRODO- And, I didn’t really know that many members of the cast – I mean who is that lady in brackets?

GARY- A just question Mr.Baggins! And I’m sure alot of you at home are wondering the exact same thing!

FRODO- Do you know who she is?

GARY- No, but I think she’s engaged to my cousin Larry…

FRODO- Oh right.

GARY- ANYWAY, Mr.Baggins how did you and the other hobbits get along together?

FRODO- Oh we got on swell! Sometimes after we had finished filming we would all pop over to the Green Dragon for a couple of pints -you know how it is, and Sam would go all mushy when Miss. Cotton was around!

GARY- So did you ever find love?

FRODO- I don’t really like answering questions about my personal life Gary…I find it rather too, well…personal..

GARY- Not a problem……..some people say you’re gay -is that true?

FRODO- Well, I did just point out that all that kinda stuff is a bit too personal…

GARY- Did you here that ladies and gents?! Mr.Baggins has just addmitted he is gay!

FRODO- NO I DIDN’T !!!!!! I mean in the script I am, but not in real life!

GARY- (shuffles through note cards) Yes, so what’s it like being gay?


GARY- You say your character is gay…how is like to play a gay hobbit?

FRODO- Oh..err…..well It is quite different to what I’m used to if you know what I mean…seein as I’M NOT GAY!

GARY- (takes notes: can’t admit to being gay) But your character does fall for the charms of Aragorn correct?


GARY- How do you think Aragorn reacts to that fact?

FRODO- What the real Aragorn…or the one in the show?

GARY- (looks at note cards) ARAGORN!


GARY- ANYWAY! What was it like being almost eaten by a giant turtle?

FRODO- sorry?

GARY- In the fith episode you barely escape from the clutches of an evil GIANT TURTLE!

(the audience gasp: OHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHH)

FRODO- Oh er yeah…well….erm…

GARY- And I believe you were naked aswell?

FRODO- Yes..erm..I was….

(audience: MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!)

GARY- Were you embarassed about the whole ordeal?

FRODO- Not really, I mean I’m an actor arn’t I? PLus the fact, i had loads of support from the rest of the cast!

GARY- I bet you did…..

FRODO- Sorry?

GARY- ANYWAY, That’s all we’ve got time for folks…so let’s give it up for MR. FRODO BAGGINS!!!!!!

FRODO- erm…thanks


GARY- Thank you fro watching….and GOODNIGHT!

theme music come on, and we see Gary waving to the cameras, Frodo is being carried away by the crowd.


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