A Strange Meeting: The Fellowship of the Ring: – Scene Two, part IV

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Author’s Note: Lothloriel and I (as siblings) have co-written the rest of ‘A Strange Meeting’, although I did the majority of the writing, although she provided a lot of helpful insights and suggestions. I am putting up this section myself because, frankly, I can type about 25 times faster than she can. I will probably put up the following sections as well. Without any further ado, read on, and enjoy!
That’s an order!

Two hours later, the Company has reached the Chamber of Mazarbul.
Orlando: Pippin, don’t touch anything! Especially not arrows! All right?
Pippin: Um, okay. Why would I touch an arrow anyway?
Orlando: Um, no reason. Just don’t touch, okay?
Gimli: Auuugghh!
Gandalf: Here lies Balin, son of Fundin, Lord of Moria.
Ian: He is dead then. I feared it was so.
Gimli: (sobs)
Legolas: We must move on, we cannot linger here.
Orlando: I second that! There is danger here just waiting for…the opportune moment….to strike.
Gimli: How do you know?
Orlando: I just know. Trust me, O.K.?
Pippin: (shoves skeleton down hole)
Gandalf: What was that?
Ian: FOOL of a Took! This is a serious journey, not a Hobbit walking-party! Throw yourself in next time, and then you’ll be of no further nuisance!
Gandalf: Why is it that you always say precisely what’s on the tip of my tongue?
Ian: Never mind — what’s that?

From far below them came the beating of drums and screeching of Orcs. Boromir ran for the door, Viggo and Sean B. following.

Boromir: (slams door) They have a Cave Troll.
Aragorn: (shoving the 8 hobbits towards the 2 wizards) Stay close to Gandalf!

Legolas and Orlando have formed a human chain, tossing axes and spears to the Men, who are wedging them across the door. Gandalf and Ian, meanwhile, have pushed the Hobbits behind them and drawn their swords. Gimli and John are both on Balin’s Tomb and fighting for space.

Gimli: Arrr! Let them come! There is one Dwarf —
John: — yet in Moria who still draws breath! Hey, quit crowding!
Viggo: Just get down, John, remember what the Troll does to that tomb?
Gimli: What do you mean, ‘remember?’
John: Right. (jumps down)

There is an incredible fight, until finally, near the end, the Troll stabs at Frodo. Elijah was attempting to shove Frodo out of the way. He succeeded, but ended up getting stabbed himself. Instantly, Merry, Pippin, and Dominic launch themselves onto the Cave Troll’s shoulders.

Gimli: (hack)
John: (chop)

The troll snatched Merry in one hand and Dom in the other. As one, Gandalf and Ian leap forward and slash at both of the troll’s fingers. The troll drops the two hobbits, leaving only Pippin on his precarious perch.

Orlando: Pippin! Stab the troll in the back of it’s neck so it’ll open it’s mouth and then I’ll shoot an arrow through the roof of it’s mouth up into it’s brain!
Legolas: How do you know…
Pippin: (stabs)

As one, the two Elven arrows shot up and pierced the troll. It fell over with a ground-shaking thud. There was a moment of silence before Aragorn and Sean A. crawl over to Frodo and roll him over.

Aragorn: Oh no, Frodo….
Sean A.: Don’t worry, I bet he’s alive.
Aragorn: Why do you think that he could have survived a blow like that — what the — by the Valar, Frodo, you’re alive.
Elijah: (gasp) My name — (gasp) isn’t Frodo.
Aragorn: Oops.
Gandalf: That was what I was about to say…

to be continued….


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