A Shortcut to Marsh Bombs – yay! bombs!

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Ruff! Ruff! Ruff! Ruff! “Hurry Pimple!” cried Harry, as the savagely barking aligators gained on them. They ran quickly through the marsh grass trying not to drop their stolen goods consisting of: chair stuffings, banana peels, dirt, and a window. “I don’t know why they’re
so upset, it’s just a bit of chair stuffing”, said Harry,puzzled. “Yes, but dont forget the dirt and the window” ,he paused, “Oh, and the banana peels.”
said Pimple. The four Giblets sludged through the deep mud walking on their hands (so they wouldn’t get their feet dirty )because if Giblets get mud stuck between their toes, they can’t play ping pong.
Anyway, where was I?
Oh yes. The Giblets sludged through the mud for an hour until they came to a cliff. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh a cliff! lets jump off.” suggested Toedo.
“Ok Mr. Toedo.” replied Jam. So they jumped off. The Giblits tumbled, and tumbled, and tumbled, and tumbled, and tumbled, and tumbled, and tumbled, until they reached another cliff and began to roll, and roll,
and roll, and roll, and roll, and roll, until they hit the ground with a splat, spat, splot, sploot. “Oh! that was close! I almost missed the droppings!” cried Pimple. “Whose droppings are they?” asked Jam. “Mine.” replied Harry. “I was walking here this morning and I had to go, so I went.” “I see,” said Jam. “You mean you smell; what did you eat Harry?” asked Toedo. “My underwear” Harry replied, sniffing, then gagging up a samball. “I told you not to eat Frodos while running.” said Pimple, as he licked the droppings off his speedo. Just as Pimple was about to take the last lick he noticed the thing Giblits love best. “Bombs!” yelled Pimple. They scrambled to their feet and did cart wheels over to the bombs. “I love bombs soooooooo much!” said Jam, drooling. “Stop it Jam! you’re wetting the bombs and they wont work right.” growled Harry as he stuffed
his tire with the slobbery bombs. “Sorry!” Jam said crying. As Harry, Jam and Pimple were filling their tires,Toedo looked down the long path and saw a big black raspberry riding a mole coming towards them. Toedos eyes widened and he gasped. “Get off the road!” “What?” “Get off the road!” “What?” “Get off the road quickly!Theres a giant RASPBERRY headed this way!” Toedo cried as he shoved some bombs in his pocket. “Ah man! we wanted to throw bombs at each others’heads!” “I’m sorry to spoil your fun, but we need to hide!” So the Giblits hid in a closet in the tree. “Do you think he’ll find us?” asked Pimple trembling. “No Raspberries dont have eyes.” said Toedo. “Yeah, but moles do.”said Pimple. “They’re blind.” replied Harry. “Ok, I feel better.”said Pimple. As the raspberry approached the closet it began to sing,” La, la, la, la! Loo, loo, loo, loo!” As the tune entered the closet, Toedo began to Cha Cha and put on the earring. “No! dont do that Mr. Toedo!” wailed Jam as he tackled him. “Thanks Jam! I nearly wore the ONE EARRING!” said Toedo. When hearing this the raspberry got angry, mounted his mole, and scurried away.


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