A Shire Pleasure – Tolkien, Pipes, and Tobacco

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J.R.R. Tolkien’s creations have taken on such life that they often eclipse the man who invented them. Middle Earth possesses a clarity that can make one forget what is generally accepted as real…
Thanks to Johann F. for giving us a tip on the most recent issue Pipes and Tobaccos Magazine that speaks of Tolkien’s affection for pipes, an affection shared by most of his characters. Alas, we don’t have access to the full article, but here’s the summary they have on the website:

A Shire Pleasure
The work of J.R.R. Tolkien is among the richest available for readers who like fictional characters with pipes. His astonishingly detailed invention, Middle Earth, is populated with wide varieties of fantastic beings smoking plentiful assortments of pipes and tobaccos–not just gratuitously, but with thematic intent and as an entertaining tool for advancing plots.

Head on over to the Pipes and Tobaccos Magazine website to see what they have to offer!


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