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Here’s a few more way to tell if you’re obsessedI’ve done them all at least once)

1 Have tried to or have styled your hair like an Elf’s
2 You’ve lost all your bookmarks except for your Lord of the Rings one (it has Legolas on it)
3 You have dreams about having pointy Elf ears
4 The only actors/actresses you know are in Lord of the Rings
5 You already have the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but you bought another copy just because it had (character’s name here). (The Two Towers: Legolas on the cover)
6 You read 40 pages of Return of the King in one day, while in math class, on the bus, and in reading class. (did that several times–read 84 pages once too)
7 Now that you’ve finished the series, you can’t find any good books
8 You wish you knew how to make Lembas bread.
9 You have watched the special features DVD with actor comentary and know some parts by heart.
10 You tell anyone who insults you to “Lasta Lalaithamin” (Elvish for “Listen to my Laughter” or “Auta Minqula Orqu” (“Go kiss an Orc”, or “Dolle naa Lost (“Your head is empty), or have sooo wanted to.
11 Style your hair so it looks middle-earth like when you have the time (to a point; there’s still school)
12 You try to figure out what breeds the horses are in LOTR
13 Have thought about getting blue contacts just to be like an Elf (yes, I wear glasses; this one is even more amazing since I hate contacts)
14 You haven’t seen any movies except for Lord of the Rings in at least 1/2 a year (except for the really stupid ones your friend made you watch at her party)
15 You have tried to go down a large hill or stairs on a shovel in order to immitate Legolas in Helm’s Deep going down a sheild (alright, I DIDN’T do this, but my friend tried to)
16 Whenever you hear/see the word “England” or “Britain” you pay attention.
17 While shooting your neighbor’s bow and arrow, you accidentally hit her in the foot and gave her a huge bruise. (it was my first try! Don’t blame me; she was standing behind the target!)
18 When you hear the word “melon” you think of the Elvish word, not the fruit.
19 You know of someone who looks like an actor from LOTR.
20 You’re upset at the Starz TV chanel because they advertise for “Blue Crush” but haven’t show a LOTR commercial in months.
21 You know what your Elvish name means in English (Elenya–it means “Monday”
22 Want to learn to ride bareback, like the Elves do.
23 Want to learn to ride with out a bridal (although it would probably get you killed)
24 When riding down the biggest hill in the neighborhood on your bike (which takes 10 minutes to climb up), you feel as if you are on Shadowfax
25 You almost KILL yourself going down a smaller, but still really big, hill in your neighborhood in 2 ways: 1. you almost go into a ditch, and 2. you RUN up the hill (like an Elf would…)
26 When you go head-first over a bike’s handles, you land and do a 180 degree turn (that was fun, although I almost got killed…)
27 You write your Elvish name on your lunch ticket along with your real name


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