10 reasons – a close look at the Fellowship

by Jan 3, 2004Other News

10 Aragorn is already taken, plus his hair is soo greasy

9 Gandalf looks too old, plus no one wants to have a smoker get too near them

8. Gimli is…. Well, lets just say he’s not the kissing kind

7.Boromir is gonna die, what more can I say?

6. Sam is taken as well

5. Frodo is too short, plus it’s kind of hard to have a romantic moment when the one ring is in
the way.

4. Merry and Pippin are so close, you can’t romance with one, without tripping on the other

3 Eomer and Faramir aren’t in the Fellowship, so they can’t visit romantic places like Lothlorien
or Rivendell

2. Legolas just happens to be the best looking one.

1.Bill is a Pony


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