Lord of the Rings Aircraft Graphic Wins Silver!

by Aug 25, 2004News

Rings graphic wins prize


Hamilton-based design and printing company Admark has picked up a silver medal at a prestigious New York festival for the Lord of the Rings graphics on an Air New Zealand Boeing 747.

More than 3800 entries were received from 62 countries.

The graphics commemorated the release of the third and final instalment of the trilogy. Admark had previously printed and applied graphics to two aircraft for the first and second movies in the trilogy.

The project for the third was on a grander scale and was the largest aircraft graphic ever produced. It was made up of 360 individual pieces, had 800 sq m graphic curves around the fuselage and engines of the Boeing, it stretched more than 48m along each side of the aircraft and was up to 8m deep.

3M designed the aviation marking film to withstand huge changes in aircraft pressurisation.


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