Happy Birthday David Wenham!

by Sep 21, 2004News

David Wenham - FaramirDavid Wenham – Faramir


Today is David Wenham’s  Birthday (September 21) although it was celebrated yesterday in The Land of Oz as they are a day ahead of us. This true blue lad was born in Sydney and raised in Marrickville… my home town. In fact… my family pioneered Marrickville back in Colonial Days and most of the streets are named after my rellies!


Now I often wonder if I used to play with Davo at the famous (or infamous … depends how you look at it) Marrickville Municipal Pool. I’m sure though, that I would have spent my time splashing water in his face as I was quite the tomboy growing up. Then I hear he was the Bingo caller at Marricville Town Hall, where I used to spend my time singing and dancing in various shows and what not’s . Sigh… I wish I’d spent more time playing Bingo!


Well…. Here’s to you David! I wish you a Happy Birthday and many more to come! From one Marrickvillite to another! 😉

For he’s a jolly good fellow

For he’s a jolly good fellow

For he’s a jolly good fellow

And so say all of us!





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