“We wants our Gollum Watch, Yes we wants it…” – Bring on the Toys

by Jun 10, 2000Games

A match made in Heaven or Mordor. Time will tell.
The Wall Street Journal reported that Marvel Enterprises Toy Biz unit has been awarded the master toy license for New Line’s upcoming Lord of the Rings films. This could be a big boost for a financially recuperating company.

Toy Biz expects toys to arrive next year, though no specific release date has been was stated. The “Master Toy License” includes action figures, dolls, marbles, “plush” toys, flying toys and watches.

Terms of the deal weren`t disclosed, but people close to the matter said New Line was able to command a 14% royalty rate.

The deal included an upfront, multi-million dollar payment from Marvel Toy Biz to New Line.

New Line Cinema Executive Vice President was quoted as saying, “This is about creating a foundation for a brand that will be at retail and in the minds of consumers for the next four years.”

Toy Biz Chief Executive Alan Fine said, “This has the potential to be one of the largest movie-based toy campaigns in years.”

New Line Cinema has yet to award the licenses for apparel, electronic toys, interactive and video games, and gifts and collectibles.

The above was from various sources around the net including www.ringbearer.org and www.IMDB.com


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