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by Sep 7, 2000Games

David H. alerted us to a recent “Question of the Week” at Gamespot.com. In answering the question, “What Game would you make massively multiplayer?” they had the following to say about the cancelled Middle-earth online game from Sierra:

Yet there is still one property I’d like to see turned into a massively multiplayer game. And that game is Middle Earth. Sierra once announced a Middle Earth game several years ago, but it died when Sierra’s Oakhurst offices closed. Since then, news of that project hasn’t been good. However, if there are any fans who rival Star Wars and D&D fans for their sheer loyalty and hunger to experience their respective worlds, it would be Tolkien fans. And with the new live-action movies just around the corner, the time is ripe to resume development of the game. Imagine the same sort of gameplay found in EverQuest or the upcoming Neverwinter Nights, but add to it a much richer world, with characters, locales, and a storyline. This game would be the epic massively multiplayer role-playing game to rule them all.

If anything’s gonna get me to play in an online multiplayer world, it will definitely be the prospect of traveling from the comforts of Rivendell to Orthanc’s reaching tower to the battlements of Gondor!


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