Toy Fair Day 2: Lord of the Rings – IGN FilmForce

by Feb 13, 2001Games

IGN FilmForce visits Toy Fair and reports back on Lord of the Rings toys and more.

Lord of the Rings will be a major part of this year’s Playmates line. Building upon the interactive voice chip technology used in their very successful Simpsons line, Playmates’ Lord of the Rings action sets will allow collectors to recreate scenes and dialogue from the film. Featuring movie-accurate figures, these sets are built on Lego-like platforms with both building blocks and static scenery. Moreover, they will accommodate standard Lego bricks allowing any customization one can dream up. Fairly good-sized sets are affordably priced, and it won’t break your wallet to own more than a few. Unfortunately, as with the Lara Croft 12-inch figures, this line has not yet received final approval, so pictures were not allowed.

Please click on the link below to read about toys licensed for Monsters, Inc., Star Wars, JP3, Tomb Raider, and more.


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