The Games We (Wish to) Play – Games Workshop Release Lord of the Rings Product Range

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The following information was just released by Games Workship regarding the board games they will be releasing for the first movie. The information here is pretty informative about what will be included in the movies and what changes we are to expect. Speculate away. As for me, I want to see these games and play them, even if they are missing Frodo’s elven saviour from the first age.

The Game
The Lord of the Rings Tabletop Battle Game: ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ Edition

The Box Sets
The Fellowship of the Ring
Attack at Weathertop
Escape from Orthanc
The Battle at Khazad Dum
Ambush at Amon Hen
The Lord of the Rings Paint Set
Warriors of Middle-earth

Release Date
We are expecting to release the game and initial codes during the run-up to Christmas but not too far before the film comes out. The full product range will come out over a seven month period with a large proportion being available in the first ninety days from the initial release. The exact order of release for each code will be confirmed at a later date but we are going for a global launch and following release period so that every country will be releasing product at the same time to coincide with the film being launched across the world in the same week.

The Blisters
Forces of Evil
Cave Troll
Mounted Ringwraith
Twilight Ringwraith
Uruk-hai Bowmen
Orc Warriors
Orc Bowmen
Moria Armoured Goblins
Moria Armoured Goblin Bowmen

Forces of Good
Mounted Aragorn
Mounted Boromir
Dwarf King
King of Men
Gondorian Bowmen
Gondorian Spearmen
Elf Spearmen
Lorien Elf Bowmen

Ruined Tower of Weathertop
Saruman’s Inner Chamber
Balin’s Tomb
The Bridge at Khazad Dum


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