SPOILERS The Uruk-hai Attack… Updated! – New Photos

by Apr 23, 2001Games

Necsipaal of www.leseigneurdesanneaux.fr.fm has gotten his sticky mitts on a few grand photos of the Uruk-hai as they attack the fellowship at Parth Galen (is Boromir in one of these pics–perhaps being surrounded by the Orcs?) At least, I’m rather sure that’s where these pics are placed–I sure can’t place the photos anywhere else.

Orcs streaming through the trees…

The Orcs attack!

Is this Saruman’s Lurtz?

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UPDATE Just got the following from Cirdan at Der Herr der Ringe: Do you see the water in the background of one of the pics? I can confirm that these pics are at Parth Galen because I have seen this scene already. It was included in the 22-minutes-marketing-preview I saw. Boromir is not included in this battle, he probably isn´t very far, don´t know. In this scene Frodo says goodbye to Aragorn (another change) and they are disturbed by the hundred of Uruks. Thanks Cirdan!


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